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No Labels is a campus political group dedicated to the idea that positive change is best achieved when people from opposing ideologies work together. No Labels welcomes those from any political affiliation or ideology to discuss current issues.

Student Government will debate three acts regarding the funding of political organizations, freedom of speech and expression and the use of renewable energy on campus.

Open for all students to observe, the annual Great Debate commenced between the College of Democrats, the College of Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty. The debate was held Wednesday evening in the Mell Classroom Building from 7:30–9 p.m.

Have you ever felt powerless to implement a new idea? Have you ever been "blindsided" at a meeting? Many of us have from time to time become enmeshed in poli...

The Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites Park Guide is a handy resource for planning a spring break, summer vacation or family reunion. The free booklet is filled with tips on the best hiking trails, fishing spots, cabins, wedding venues and campsites.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton forego formalities as the general election campaign begins. Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and Allegheny College President James Mullen discuss the erosion of civility in politics.

“Black folks drive the progressive political power in this country, but rarely benefit from the fruits of our labor. We are launching the Black Futures Lab as a way to mobilize around our needs, hopes and dreams.”

While some real-life drama is playing out in the Republican presidential race, we have long had a fascination with politics in the world of entertainment. Stef Woods, a professor in the American Studies Program at American University, joined us how t

Dance/USA sustains and advances professional dance by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of artists, administrators, and organizations. By providing national leadership and services, Dance/USA enhances the infrastructure for dance creation and distribution, education, and dissemination of information.

By John Cameron and Olivia KwiecienFive months after the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, signals indicate that the advocacy chill that characterized the Conservative Government's relationship with Can...

Roger Colinvaux (Catholic), Social Welfare and Political Organizations: Ending the Plague of Inconsistency, 21 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Pol'y ___ (2018): Since the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, tax-exempt social welfare groups (also known as 501(c)(4) organizations) increasingly are used in political campaigns, often instead of...

Grey Muzzle Organization believes no senior dog should die alone and afraid. Resources for helping senior dogs and adopting and rescuing an older dog.

WHO’s primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations’ system. WHO main areas of work include: health systems, promoting health through the life-course, noncommunicable diseases, communicable diseases, corporate services, preparedness, surveillance and response.