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Your product is made up of pixels and code. But it's also made up of language and words. Here's how we're creating a content strategy for our product.

Every day in China, tens of millions of food containers, plastic bags, and disposable chopsticks damage the environment.

We are looking for Georgia’s Small Business Rock Stars! Nominate your small business today.

Studies show that sitting 8 to 9 hours a day can raise your risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Don’t allow yourself to become a statistic, in this ...

This weekend is an awesome time to look for meteors in the annual Orionid shower. They'll probably most prolific in the hours before dawn on October 21.

Across 33 rich countries, only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities, and only a third of people can complete medium-complexity tasks.

GoBowling.com provides you with discounted bowling, family fun and more. Find A Center near you to get started.

This time of year, we're craving comfort foods, hearty soups and easy, filling weeknight meals. You'll find mac and cheese, apple crisp and other classic recipes to try—plus some surprises that we think might just become your new favorite fall recipes.

Read book reviews written by kids for thousands of kids books. Follow reviewers, track the books you like, rate books, write your own book review, and more!

A healthy living plan sounds extremely formal, but it's really just a framework for how you and your loved one are going to manage her overall health on her caregiving journey. It's an important conversation to have with your loved one and her medical team.

Running an ecommerce business has plenty of advantages over other types of companies. You can do...

Shop top bike rack brands at low prices. We carry racks from Thule, Yakima, Saris and more guaranteed to fit your car.

East Cobb Library is hosting the Chinese Moon Festival and Cultural Celebration on Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The all-ages event – which will be presented in Chinese – will also include the rollout of the Chinese Foreign…

School breakfasts are important for a child’s emotional, social and academic well-being. Fueling youngsters in the classroom is the goal of the General Mills...

Stay active outdoors as a family this autumn season. Find 10 ideas at My Southern Health for keeping the family moving while enjoying the colors of fall.

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The price you pay for your homeowners insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars, depending on the insurance company you buy your policy from. Here are some things to consider when buying homeowners insurance.

Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd introduced the bill in order to save money for parents and embarrassment for some students.

Alzheimer’s is not a part of growing old. There is no cure for the disease once you have it, but evidence shows that a healthy lifestyle will reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s later in life.

Health Enhancement Systems, providing health promotion programs to improve employee wellness for worksites, corporations, and organizations around the globe.

It’s easy to lose perspective when we’re facing a thorny dilemma. Blinded by the particulars of the situation, we’ll waffle and agonize, changing our mind from day to day. Perhaps our worst enemy in resolving these conflicts is short-term emotion, which can be an unreliable adviser.

Swiss chocolate makers have made ruby chocolate from a new type of cocoa bean.

Financing an engineering degree is difficult. To help alleviate these challenges, Kelly®—a leading provider of engineering employment—offers the Future Engineers Scholarship Program. The Kelly® Future Engineers Scholarship is designed to encourage student interest in engineering and to build awareness of engineering as a career path with unlimited potential
This program will award two outstanding second- or third-year level engineering students with US$1,500 for 2018 tuition expenses…

Get meal-prepping, because pricey shop-bought lunches are for ballers only.

On this day in History, United States nicknamed Uncle Sam on Sep 07, 1813. Learn more about what happened today on History.

The colours, the crisp air, the light... fall is a fabulous season. Here are some ideas for how your family can enjoy it (plus a handy printable checklist)!

The best ever flourless + healthier chocolate chip cookies. These cookies have no butter, white flour, or refined white sugar. They are bursting with flavor and sure to be your new favorite healthy “indulgence.” I hope you all know I don’t just throw around the words “best ever.” In fact, I don’t think those two...

According to a study, people had better quality of sleep and felt more alert throughout the day if they get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise every week. From a sample of over 2,600 18

Top Labor Day vacations include last minute trips to the beach, romantic escapes and long weekend breaks.

Many women go to great lengths not to burden those around them. But the signs of stroke demand immediate attention, even if it seems like the worst timing.

 The 2017 Georgia Restaurant Association's Chairman's Reception is immediately following the first day of the Atlanta Foodservice Expo . Walk on over from the Cobb Galleria and join us for some...

If you heeded all the warnings, you're likely fine. But spots or blurred vision that shows up 12 hours later or the next day might be a sign the sun's direct rays permanently hurt the retina.

Weight training helps seniors live longer. Strength training for seniors, benefits of weight lifting for seniors.