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Around 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs) occur every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control! Sexually tran...

If you’re a female, you may wonder if it’s time to see a gynecologist. Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women’s health. Their focus is on the female reproductive system. Optimal Age There are many factors that can contribute to the optimal age for visiting the gynecologist. The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists recommends ...Read More

If you’re in the first flush of a bladder infection, these signs will let you know.

Your dentist can tell you a lot about dental health and about other health conditions. Find out about clues to health conditions that may show up in your mouth.

The help you need to get healthier could be closer than you think. Engaging with your workplace’s wellness program could be the first step to making positive changes in your life.

Tooth decay in infants and toddlers is often referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, or Early Childhood Caries. Find out more.

Onsite clinics continue to gain in popularity, but are they the right fit for your company? Learn more about onsites and how they benefit your workforce.

With no sugar or any other ingredients, why would this clear bubbly beverage pose any issues?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads in just about every job that involves data processing

Sometimes we forget how much we reveal about ourselves when we smile. Not only do we communicate happiness or sociability, but we also convey a lot about our way of living.
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To some extent, our teeth function as a business card. They can indicate social status, hygiene...