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Have you always dreamed of working from the comfort of your own home? Well, thanks to the rapid rise

Between the late 1940's and mid 1960's, there were approximately four million people born each year

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Researchers have demonstrated that sleep is improved, and anxiety, depression and pain is significantly reduced in individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia with a combination of music therapy and other guided imagery based relaxation techniques. This study

Your unique thrift finds can become beautiful holiday serving trays! Visit your local Goodwill and start making your holidays something special.

According to research, the more physically active you are, the less your blood pressure rises in response to a high-salt diet. Individuals need to be advised to increase physical activity as well as to reduce sodium

A few years ago, at a private event, Google founder Larry Page told a rapt audience that the way he evaluates prospective companies and…

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What makes us create and innovate? Here, wildly creative thinkers share ideas and insights into what kindles genius.

For many older adults, the thought of stepping into a yoga class swarming with yogis more flexible than Gumby might provoke anxiety. But the practice…

Your product is made up of pixels and code. But it's also made up of language and words. Here's how we're creating a content strategy for our product.

Taking a knee, in imitation of misguided professional football players, has nothing to do with police brutality, but everything to do with disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, the

A healthy living plan sounds extremely formal, but it's really just a framework for how you and your loved one are going to manage her overall health on her caregiving journey. It's an important conversation to have with your loved one and her medical team.

Running an ecommerce business has plenty of advantages over other types of companies. You can do...

School breakfasts are important for a child’s emotional, social and academic well-being. Fueling youngsters in the classroom is the goal of the General Mills...

Stay active outdoors as a family this autumn season. Find 10 ideas at My Southern Health for keeping the family moving while enjoying the colors of fall.

Find information about Rosh Hashanah, including dates from 2010 to 2016, traditions, food, and more.

From talking to walking, there are several developmental milestones that are biggies when it comes to a child's development.

By adjusting your workouts with functional exercise, you may rid yourself of chronic pain, improve your mobility and get stronger.