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A 2018 study suggests that up to 14% of the population may be experimenting with off-label use of cognitive enhancing drugs, or nootropics. What if using such drugs – claimed to improve performance at school and work – becomes the new norm
Join an in-depth discussion that explores the possible, plausible and probable impacts of wide-spread use of nootropics
This session is designed in collaboration with…

The future of the nation’s only new nuclear power plant under construction will soon come to a vote.

A 17-year-old North Cobb High School student was arrested for allegedly exposing himself in the school’s hallway and dragging another student into the boys’ restroom last week.

In a bid to salvage talks between North and South Korea, Kim Jong Un has made a series of positive promises.

From devouring pollution to fighting disease, ten reasons fungi leave other organisms in the shade.