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Studies show that hearing loss has a profoundly negative affect on school performance, but early intervention can help.

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Macular Degeneration Treatment Stockton - Central Valley Eye Medical Group offers Macular Degeneration treatment. We serve Stockton and surrounding areas.

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If you see glare at night, it may be time for cataract surgery. Here are other signs to look for...

A cataract is a dense, cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye. It develops slowly and eventually interferes with your vision.

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For cataract diagnosis and the latest technology in cataract surgery, contact CVEMG San Joaquin Valley areas for all your eyecare needs call: 1-800-244-9907

Glaucoma Treatment Stockton - Central Valley Eye Medical Group offer Glaucoma Treatment. Our practice serves Stockton, Manteca CA, and surrounding areas.

Astigmatism, unlike normal vision, occurs when the cornea is shaped like a football. CVEMG Serving San Joaquin Valley, schedule an appointment 1800-244-9907

As we head into the holiday season, TODAY Parents is focusing on putting more gratitude in our kids' attitude. Here to help is Positive Parenting Solutions founder Amy McCready, who is joining us each week in November to offer strategies forraising grateful, unspoiled kids. On Monday, join McCready for a chat on the TODAY Parents Facebook page, where she will answer questions about gratitude

A quick online search will uncover a large number of fatal workplace incident reports involving forklifts. From workers being crushed by these vehicles to others being run over or backed over, incidents involving forklifts can cause injuries and deaths in many ways.

You might think you're never going to fall, but the truth is 1 in 3 older adults fall every year in the U.S. The good news is that most falls are preventable.…

In the wake of President Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, many in the building industry have optimistically pointed to unstoppable market forces

Instead of going from one air-conditioned, fluorescent-lighted box (work), to another (the gym), why not take your workout outside?

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Are you worried about your employees driving distracted or using their cell phone behind the wheel?

Staring at your computer screen, smartphone or other digital devices for long periods won’t cause permanent eye damage, but your eyes may feel dry, red and tired. Learn how to prevent digital eye stra