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Ice skating is a winter tradition in New England, but especially in CT. Check out our list of the top ten all-time best ice-skating rinks in CT.

Experts often try to define successful aging, but I sometimes wonder: Are such definitions really valuable? Do they help us plan for the future?

A new Canadian study finds that most older adults, including those with Alzheimer's disease, appear to have better cognitive skills in the late summer and early fall than they do in the winter and spring. The difference in cognition is equal to nearly five years of age-related decline. Very few studies have looked at the association between season and cognition in older adults. In the new…

A new study reports klotho, a protein associated with longevity, acts as a gatekeeper that helps shield the brain from the peripheral immune system.

For some older adults, private Medicare Advantage plans next year will offer a host of new benefits, such as transportation to medical appointments, home-delivered meals, wheelchair ramps, bathroom grab bars or air conditioners for asthma sufferers.

All the Turkey Day prep work can tire out any host. Here's how to make the day rewarding for everyone around the table.

October is the perfect time to explore the fall foliage across Connecticut. Here are 10 of the best towns in CT for leaf-peeping and fall foliage drives.

Fans of the classic movie will love this Nightmare Before Christmas blind bag! Each bag contains one mystery keychain figurine from the film! Will you get Zero? Oogie Boogie? Or maybe even Jack or Sally! You'll want to collect them all!

Learn how to lose weight in your 50s and beyond using tips from a doctor who specializes in weight loss for older adults.

Here are 16 of the essential herbs and spices in my eat pretty pantry
1. Basil contains flavonoids that protect your cells from oxidative damage
2. Cardamom relieves indigestion and detoxifies the body.
3. Cayenne boosts immunity and metabolism , and helps curb cravings.
4. Cinnamon keeps blood sugar steady, preventing insulin spikes that lead to wrinkles and blemishes .
5. Cloves aid in digestion and…

NBC Connecticut Meteorologists are continuing to track our first winter storm of the season. Our meteorologists are forecasting accumulating snow for much of the state. Snow will develop statewide prior to transitioning to a mixture of sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain.

Why am I geeking out about GIS Day? I am a HUGE gadget person! They make the creating process easier and efficient – it also justifies all of the pockets on my cargo pants that my wife would like me to throw out and my Amazon shopping habit. My passion revolves around creating anything: cooking a good meal, growing a healthy garden, building a database structure, or designing an application. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) give us access to a seemingly infinite amount of…

Rock climbing in CT is a great indoor activity when the weather is too chilly to do other outdoor activities. The cold weather is approaching so be prepared!

Options in Education FOCUSED ON DIVERSIFYING STEM STUDENT POPULATIONS Learning to Lead BY KEN ABRAMCZYK THE UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT SCHOOL OF Engineering grad students sharpen skills at UConn academy ▲ Dr. Mei Wei ▲ Aida Ghiaei Engineering has created a new academy for engineer-ing graduate students, led by a diversified executive board, to hone their leadership skills. Named after a former electrical and computer engi-neering professor…

Get tickets to Funky Dawgz Brass Band at The Main Pub - Grille, Taps..., Manchester, CT on 12/22/18

Get tickets to Six Fox Whiskey at The Main Pub - Grille, Taps..., Manchester, CT on 12/14/18

Gina asked if I got carsick
I replied “no”.
In my defense, up until this point I’ve never gotten physically sick, but I somehow forgot about my inability to read and write in a moving vehicle. As someone who’s earliest memories are visiting my town’s library, I was always annoyed by the wasted opportunity of long car rides. Thank goodness for the license plate game.
Am I off topic already? How unlike me. Carsick. Right. So for my second journey out into the…

Despite the common stereotypes, people over 60 are busy. We are always on the move. And, when we do finally have a moment of silence, we rush to fill it with a thousand small distractions. Did you know that the average person checks their phone 110 times per day? 110 times!Read More

Wear the beautiful Selena on your t shirt when you rock this long sleeve! You'll love letting everyone see your favorite music artist in such a stylish way!

Get tickets to Gang of Thieves at The Main Pub - Grille, Taps..., Manchester, CT on 12/28/18