Bars & Grills in Madison WI - Dane County

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  • Eagle Crest Bar

    Grill, Tavern

    Bars & Grills in Ridgewood, Madison

    3710 County Road T Ridgewood Madison, WI

    (608) 244-5413

  • Paul's Club

    Cocktail Lounges in Capitol, Madison

    212 State St Capitol Madison, WI

    (608) 257-5250

  • Flat Top Grill

    Bars & Grills in Madison, WI

    534 N Midvale Blvd Madison, WI

    (608) 236-0500

  • Woody and Annes

    Beer Taverns in Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahar, Madison

    2236 Winnebago St Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahar Madison, WI

    (608) 249-5157

  • Uno Chicago Grill

    Pizza Restaurant in Madison, WI

    Award-Winning, Bar & Grill, Family Restaurant, Italian, Pizzeria, Cantina, Pub, Saloon, Tavern

    7601 Mineral Point Rd Madison, WI

    (608) 833-7200

  • Cranberry Creek Cafe & Grill

    Bistro, Cafe

    Caterers Food Services in Waunona, MADISON

    1501 Lake Point Dr Waunona MADISON, WI

    (608) 222-4803

  • Oakcrest Tavern in Glen Oak Hills - Madison, WI Beer Taverns

    Oakcrest Tavern

    Beer Taverns in Glen Oak Hills, Madison

    5371 Old Middleton Rd Glen Oak Hills Madison, WI

    (608) 233-1243

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  • Nitty Gritty Madison in Capitol - Madison, WI Restaurants/Food & Dining

    Nitty Gritty Madison

    Grill, Tavern

    Restaurants/Food & Dining in Capitol, Madison

    223 N Frances St Capitol Madison, WI

    (608) 251-2521

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  • Stadium Bar


    Bars & Grills in South Campus, Madison

    1419 Monroe St South Campus Madison, WI

    (608) 256-2544

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  • Blue Moon Bar and Grill

    Bars & Grills in Regent, Madison

    7 High Def Screens for Sports Bad Movies and Even Soccer!, Best Burgers and Curds in Town, Blue Plate Monday - Comfort and Down Home Cooking…

    2535 University Ave Regent Madison, WI

    (608) 233-0441

  • Umami Dumpling & Ramen Bar


    Japanese Restaurants in Marquette, Madison

    923 Williamson St Marquette Madison, WI

    (608) 819-6319

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  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Mexican Restaurants in Bluff Acres, Madison

    Catering, Catering, Restaurant Mexican, Restaurants, Family Restaurant, Fast Food

    4628 E Washington Ave Bluff Acres Madison, WI

    (608) 242-7334

  • Baldwin ST Grille

    Restaurants/Food & Dining in Tenney-Lapham, Madison

    1304 E Washington Ave Tenney-Lapham Madison, WI

    (608) 442-8400

  • The Great Dane in Capitol - Madison, WI Bars

    The Great Dane

    Bars in Capitol, Madison

    123 E Doty St Capitol Madison, WI

    (608) 284-0000

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  • Chili's in Madison, WI Bars & Grills


    American, Family Restaurant, Grill, Restaurant

    Bars & Grills in Madison, WI

    4344 E Towne Blvd Madison, WI

    (608) 242-9300

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  • Dexter's Pub in Eken Park - Madison, WI Beer Taverns

    Dexter's Pub

    Grill, Tavern

    Beer Taverns in Eken Park, Madison

    301 North St Eken Park Madison, WI

    (608) 244-3535

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  • Brasserie V in Vilas - Madison, WI Caterers Food Services

    Brasserie V

    Beer, Bar, Specials, Grill, Tavern

    Caterers Food Services in Vilas, Madison

    1923 Monroe St Vilas Madison, WI

    (608) 255-8500

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  • Chili's in Madison, WI Food Delivery Services


    American, Family Restaurant, Grill, Restaurant, Cantina, Pub, Saloon, Tavern

    Food Delivery Services in Madison, WI

    7301 Mineral Point Rd Madison, WI

    (608) 833-8851

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  • Opus Lounge

    Happy Hour, Bar, Food, Restaurant

    Bars in Capitol, Madison

    116 King St FL 1 Capitol Madison, WI

    (608) 441-6787

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  • Brocach Irish Pub

    Specials, Specials, Bar, Catering, Grill, Tavern, Restaurant

    Restaurants/Food & Dining in Capitol, Madison

    7 W Main St Capitol Madison, WI

    (608) 255-2015

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