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In true rock star fashion, Bono gives us all the best life advice we could ever ask for… "Work like a dog, live like a Shih Tzu."

The body was found by boaters near Mercer Beach at around 3:45 p.m.

The toddler was not breathing immediately following the incident.

How much do you know about jaw pain? WebMD quizzes you about TMJ symptoms, TMD treatment, and what jaw popping and teeth clenching mean for your health. Test your jaw pain smarts now!

TEMPE, AZ., July 18, 2018 – ParkerGale Capital announced today that it has appointed Dean Brown as Chief Executive Officer of Ipro Tech, a legal software company focused on providing customers with industry-leading software and services solutions ranging from discovery to trial. ParkerGale, a technology-focused private equity firm based in Chicago, IL, acquired Ipro Tech ... continue reading »

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In news from North Dakota, a water protector who took part in the protests at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline has been sentenced to 36 months in prison. Michael “Little Feather” Giron was arrested on October 27, 2016, while defending the Oceti Sakowin treaty camp. He has been held in jail for the past year. Little Feather’s wife Leoyla Cowboy said on Wednesday, “The legacy of genocide and broken treaties has shown us that when indigenous people stand up to protect…

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You’ve darkened your bedroom. It’s quiet. You’ve set the temperature to a comfortable 68 degrees. You’ve avoided eating or exercising before bedtime. You get adjusted regularly to quiet down your nervous system. You’ve avoided the blue light emitted by your digital device. It’s time to fall asleep
Now what?
If you’re someone…

Due Venti’s head chef recreates a flaky family favorite

Because of movie lovers like you, $5 Ticket Tuesday is here to stay. All year long, tickets are just five dollars every Tuesday with AMC Stubs® membership. Even better, $5 Ticket Tuesday is now...

What's black & blue and chained all over? // Tripp Black Blue Chain Pants

Concerned with mold or mildew smells? Armstrong Air™ evaporator coils and air handler units all feature an anti-microbial drain pan, which reduces the opportunity for mold or mildew growth on their…