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Many chiropractors and other natural healing disciplines suggest fasting from time to time as a means to cleanse the body and rid it of toxins so it functions better. Critics of fasting say that it starves the body and that regular sleeping and periods in between eating are enough to give the digestive system the rest it needs. So…whom do we believe
Fasting has been practiced for centuries, for both religious and therapeutic reasons, and is well documented in Biblical accounts. It involves…

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Scoliosis does not automatically warrant a surgical solution. More and more people diagnosed with scoliosis are seeking non-surgical solutions, and for good reason.

This Sunday is Mother's Day in Germany where my mom lives. This little animation is for her and for all moms of the world :)

Although rare, glaucoma surgery, as with any surgical procedure, does carry the risk of certain complications and usually requires taking it easy for a few weeks.

Learn how cornea transplants work and get information about donating eye tissue.

Could the color of a person's eyes reveal things about them? Science says it can. Modern psychological research has shown that pain sensitivity, drinking habits, and even dating preferences can often be accurately predicted based on eye color. Though eye color doesn't cause us to be the way we are, it does correlate with certain traits. In holding clues about deeper aspects of ourselves, different eye…

Eyes feeling gritty, red or irritated? Read on for ways to make your eyes happier.

To clear up some misconceptions about eyeglasses, we’ve put together a list of the most common myths that surround them.

What do you do to fight the flu? Do 10. Learn all 10 things you can do to fight the flu at

Huntsville Hospital, the second largest hospital in Alabama, is a 941-bed hospital that serves as the regional referral center for north Alabama and southern Tennessee. In recent years, the hospital has expanded its service throughout the region with the development of Huntsville Hospital Health System , making it the third largest publicly owned hospital system in the nation with more than 1,800 beds and 12,000 employees.

Every year, eyewear brands take ownership in setting trends with their new, innovative styles. Check out our list of Top 5 Eyewear Trends for 2019.

Infections, irritation, and injury can result if cosmetics aren't used safely around the eyes. Practice these cosmetic safety strategies to prevent injury to the eye.