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I'm a kind of picky person when it comes to camera straps (okay, a lot of things, but we're just talking about camera straps today!). I used the same brand and style of strap for almost ten years, from my first camera until they quit making my strap. It was a Tamrac neoprene and it was so soft and p

Thousands of cars are vulnerable to water damage every year. Water damage can ruin upholstery, cause engine problems, destroy electronic devices, and can lead to molds, rust, and horrible smelling interiors. It’s crucial that car owners protect their car from floods and water damage. Here are five tips you should know, on how to do … Continue reading "5 Tips To Protect Your Car From Flood Water Damage"

It looks like upgrades are coming to Canon's 70-200mm lens lineup. A new report states that Canon will be announcing not one, but two new 70-200mm lenses next month. Canon Rumors is hearing that the official unveiling will be in early June and that one of the lenses is 100% going to be a new 70-200mm f/4L IS II. The

The promise of warmer weather is getting adventure enthusiasts excited. To a lot of people, this means getting their ATVs out of storage and getting them ready for spring and summer. Just like with your car or your home, you have to invest some time and money in maintaining your all-terrain ride if you want … Continue reading "4 Tips For Maintaining Your ATV"

If you’ve always wanted to have your own boat, then now’s the perfect time to make your dream come true. The bustling economy, new technology, innovations in motor and boat designs have created a perfect storm of opportunity for boat buyers. It’s understandable for first-time boat buyers to be nervous. Here is what you need … Continue reading "4 Things First Time Boat Buyers Should Consider"

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018 may deliver SaaS and IaaS partner surprises involving eFolder, Microsoft Azure, SAP, VMware, Workday and more.

See cool photos taken by Girl Scouts as they explore the great outdoors—and shared on social media as part of the largest Girl Scout collage in the world!