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Good oral health goes beyond brushing and flossing. Learn how to care for the other structures in your mouth that play a role in speech and digestion.

The holidays can be an exciting time for all, but there are a few pet holiday hazards to keep in mind.

It's easier than ever to give a year of fun and fresh air at Hillsborough County Conservation Parks and on the water

While we may wish our cats had nine lives, they only have one. But you can do all you can to make your cat’s single life the best possible.

Take the time to learn the facts behind these common Medicare misconceptions.

The low stinger shot was a fairway-hitting machine for Tiger Woods in his prime. Nick Clearwater shows you how to hit it in our latest Lesson Series video.

VIDEO: This drill to help bunker shot distance control can be a game changer when it comes to your ability to get up and out of the sand.

Behavioral Therapy Community Benefitting from Breakthroughs in Innovative Analytical Application to Improve Front-Line Behavioral Health Practice Tampa, FL – Mindshare Technology launched its QSAT™ program at FABA ’18 (Florida Association for Behavior Analysis 2018 Conference). QSAT (Quality Service

GolfTEC's Patrick Nuber illustrates the Up & Down Short Game Drill to your short game prowess and shave strokes from your scorecard.

Chances are, you love your smartphone. No. I mean: You really love your smartphone. MRI studies show that when we hold our smartphones, we almost feel as though they’re holding us back. Our brains produce a veritable love potion of chemicals – namely dopamine and oxytocin, the same chemicals released...

If you’re a runner, cyclist, or avid trail explorer, you know that you need to stay fueled with healthy food in Springfield Missouri.

With so many people getting wisdom teeth taken out, you might wonder why we have them at all. Get a closer look at the curiosities behind wisdom teeth.

Dogs... Love.... Food. Video by Andrew Grantham: facebook.com/klaatu42 T-SHIRTS: talkinganimalmerch.com (all profits go to SPCA) facebook: http...

Bedbugs are the definition of a nightmare — they are small, brownish insects that feed on human or animal blood. According to WebMD, their bodies

Love may be blind when it comes to certain traits about your significant other, but seeing eye-to-eye on financial matters before getting hitched can save you and your loved one a lot of heartache …

'Bistros began in Europe, as small cafes where a person could grab a bite and gather friends for conversation, coffee and good food. Cafe Liberty continues that tradition, and you can too, with this deal, good for $20 worth of casual dining, yours for only $10. Cafe Liberty Coffee and Bistro unites fresh roasted coffee creations and delectable bistro-style fare to get you started right each day. Whether you swing in for a luscious latte or blended beverage, or join a friend for…

Start building your outdoor playset with Rainbow Play Systems Inc. today! We have locations in both Vernon Hills and Naperville, IL.