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Anyone who has followed this blog since we started it a year ago will know that we think there is a strong connection between nutrition and mental health. Over the last several months, we have written several blog posts about nutrition and mental health
We recently came across an article over at WebMD regarding bipolar and diet: Bipolar Disorder and Foods to Avoid. Key points of the article include:
Avoid the Western-style diet of red meats, saturated fats and trans fats, and simple…

Eye health can be supported through a healthy diet rich with nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids. Follow these nutrition tips for healthy eye maintenance.

Thomas Buchheit, M.D., chief of the Pain Medicine Division in the Duke University Department of Anesthesiology, says the move today by President Trump to declare the nation’s opioid crisis a public health emergency is a first step among many. Buchheit notes that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done both in reducing the opioid burden in the United States and in developing novel…

If you spot any of these while visiting your mom or dad, it may be time to take action that will help.

When a 40-year-old knee injury caused Lee Tucker to need a knee replacement, he opted for outpatient surgery. He's back to the game he loves.

Eye benefits from vitamin A and beta-carotene, found in sweet potatoes and other foods.

Learn the major things to keep in mind when choosing Home insurance coverage limits for you.

Learn how to improve your gas mileage by up to 33% just by braking correctly and finding the right brake pads for your car.

Editor’s note: Smoking is an expensive habit, given that a pack of cigarettes can cost anywhere from $5 in Kentucky to $14 in New York, but there are many other hidden costs, like the extra $50,000+ you might need to spend on life insurance over a 20 year term. The good news, after quitting for just a year, you can turn that cost around. Courtesy of: BestLifeQuote.com

A group of older women has built their own innovative senior housing project: self-governed, communal, affordable and fully engaged with the city.

Conventional wisdom says apps aren’t for old people. But that may change as tech startups take on a sizable need: caring for elderly relatives

As the storm continues to dump rain on the Gulf Coast and flood waters rise, many organizations are doing vital work to help save lives and give comfort. Here's how you can support those efforts.

Early members of the movement had nicknames like Holy Club, Bible Moths, Sacramentarians, and Enthusiasts. Learn why one name stuck.

Official site of the Professional Bowlers Association. Showcases the tour's players, scores and highlights.

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Build goodwill in your neighborhood with these tips on how to be a friendly neighbor.

Learn how to make a positive impact on society and the environment while potentially improving the risk and return characteristics of your portfolio.

Purchase single, group or VIP Belk College Kickoff tickets, or explore hospitality options for the perfect pregame experience.

The United Methodist Council of Bishops will move its 2018 May meeting from Manila, Philippines, for security reasons.

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The Raymond James Investment Strategy Committee discusses current market trends, economic conditions, and international influences for investors to consider.