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Malware is a malicious software that enters a system via email or suspicious websites.It is designed to perform malicious actions on a device.

A new era for change in education, plus some takes on CTE and the future of work from around the NGLC network.

Enrollment in online courses is rising. But the shift to online instruction can be challenging for some instructors who have spent most of their ...

If you manage software engineering teams, consider attending Tech Leader Summit (TLS). Learn about the latest technologies, hiring methodologies and organizational practices that are shaping the future.
At TLS you'll meet your peers and learn from the best in the industry, including Rogue Wave Software CTO, Rod Cope.

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This year's best food books reflect the importance of community, whether it's about saving the world or just understanding it a little better.

These practices can help your DevOps team get started in the workflow, and drive maximum value for your organization, according to Puppet.

As more smart devices are added to home and business networks, an easy-to-use platform to manage these devices and keep information secure is imperative. Introducing CableLabs Micronets, a next-generation on-premises network management system providing enterprise-level security that’s highly adaptive and effortless. No matter how complex the network, Micronets has it covered
A Better Approach to Network Security
Our latest innovation, Micronets, is built on well-established Software…

It’s been a couple years since we got to slip into J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, courtesy of FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. Now the sequel, THE CRIMES OF GRINDELWALD, is on the way — it...

Did you know that a group of gorillas is called a band? Meet band member Cindy Gamboa, one of Gorilla Logic's talented Senior QA Software Engineers.

Diving into backpacking can be a daunting process. But get the novice hiker in your life some gifts from this list, and they’ll be on the right path.

Juniper Village at Forest Hills was awarded the Bronze National Quality Award at the 2018 AHA / National Center for Assisted Living.

Fuel your creativity and bring your ideas to life on our most powerful Surface yet. Now 35% faster, with 50% more graphics performance and a stunning 28” Pix...

The benefits of open source code can be so alluring that businesses can forget about the risks involved with using public, unvetted chunks of software throughout their applications.

Learn how any team meember of an Agile team can gain a clear understanding of what to expect and how to maximize the value of their Scrum Master.