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BY: Tisha L. Hammond Many people assume that you’ve “arrived,” especially long after “bossin’ up” as America’s first black woman to own a billion-dollar company. Let her tell it though and there are two...

Climate change is putting the very existence of one remote indigenous community in doubt but we are all feeling the effects of a warming Arctic

★★★★★ I was in need of a battery and needed to go to work and to be honest I forgot the guys name who helped me out because Themis email took so long for me to receive it so I could write this review. Great guy. Very helpful. This gentlemen made me feel like a guest rather than a customer. Offered me coffee and I had some complications with some paper work but he is superb. So good I wasn’t sure if he…

"Wa" Harmony by Jōshū Sasaki Rōshi
Dear Sangha and friends of Rinzai-ji
The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to give to people and organizations we value, and to express our commitment to the Dharma and gratitude for the teachings that we have received. Please help us to continue to offer the Dharma at Rinzai-ji by making a contribution to this 2018 Annual Fund Appeal. Your tax-deductible…

Expect to see DIYers dipping into cans of paint, plant parents flexing their green thumbs, and Millennial Pink to be ousted by a new “it” hue.

350+ complaints logged with NHTSA, yet Hyundai and Kia fail to address rampant engine failures and fires
LOS ANGELES – A class-action lawsuit filed today against Hyundai and Kia alleges a dangerous defect affecting certain vehicle models can cause premature engine failure and spontaneous fires in the engines, putting owners at risk of accident, injury and death, according to Hagens Berman
Affected vehicles include: 2011-2019…

This Voronai diagram shows 10 major economies making up a whopping two-thirds of global GDP.

Most of us have no idea how much life on Earth there is - and what humans are doing to it.

Aside from regulatory compliance, there are a lot more things to monitor in your cannabis dispensary. Here are some minor details that you might be missing out on.

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Across the Globe, diminishing regulatory barriers in the legal cannabis market are creating access to potentially transformative treatments for a range of illnesses, as evidenced by the recent landmark case of Carly Barton earlier this year, the United Kingdom's first patient to receive a medical cannabis prescription for chronic pain condition fibromyalgia. Canada has been at the forefront of the worldwide…

What do communists do when they get together at an international event? Plan social revolution, strikes, boycotts and build united fronts? Hear a first-hand ...

The latest Tweets from Genesis USA (@GenesisUSA). The car is just the beginning. Welcome to Genesis

On Saturday, December 1, 2018 Peoples College of Law held its first Transgender 101 Training workshop. We’d like to thank The National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles for co-sponsoring the event and offering Continuing Legal Education credit for bias training. Much gratitude to the students and board members who worked on bringing this important event …

No charges will be filed as police believe there was no malicious intent and the dog was just protecting its owner.

Print is still popular among the over 65s - while those aged between 18 and 29 are four times more likely to turn to social media for news.

Almost half the 48.5 million Christmas trees bought in the US last year were artificial, but they still have environmental impacts.

To grow your business globally focus on 3 things: a unified commerce platform, local presence and innovation.

Blog about CS-Cart shopping cart features, conversion tools, and selling online

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This page allows external customers the ability to watch the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) meetings that have video and audio webcasting capabilites.

Changes included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could have a meaningful impact for working musicians — some will keep money in your pocket, others won't.

While gene editing could be a useful tool against diseases and birth defects, selecting complex traits such as intelligence and athletics isn't possible.

On December 5, the European Forum of Deposit Insurers ("EFDI") published a non-binding guidance paper (dated June 18, 2018) on deposit guarantee schemes' ("DGSs

The CSJ Institute is producing a variety of resources to help our Mount community grow in the spirit of our founders, including short videos from our Oral History Project of the Sisters of St. Joseph, as well as online and print materials
Mount students and faculty are advancing research on the contributions and achievements of our sisters as well as social issues of importance to…

Philanthropy has been taken to task lately. Here's one reason why philanthropists have been failing.

It’s that time of year again. Holiday party décor can add a lot of excitement to an event. Whether it’s by adding a theme to your apartment or turning on cheerful music, you can make any party one to remember. Create the perfect mood for any of your house parties with these five suggestions.

Do you sell stuff at your gigs? Me too. After experiencing a slump in sales over the last few years, I’ve recently changed my “pitch” a bit and added a few more items to the table, and things are looking . . . Up! I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing, and I’d love to …