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With a strong network underpinning a cloud platform, a hybrid model can address reliability, security, and compliance concerns, while simplifying IT infrastructure management.

Smart buildings are giant IoT devices begging to get hacked. A new report offers concrete advice on how to mitigate the risk to building automation and control systems (BACS).

New research shows that mosquitoes are absorbing and redistributing plastics, causing more widespread distribution of plastic pollution.

It’s become a fact of life that hackers might lock down your computer, blocking access to your most valuable data, and vowing to free it only if you pay up. Ransomware is nothing new, but it’s profitable, and hackers are deploying it left and right. Mitigating ransomware is actually fairly straightforward. If you have backups, …

Last week, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) filed its first disciplinary action involving cryptocurrencies, conforming with its stated 2018 goal of monitoring and supervising the largely unregulated cryptocurrency market. FINRA’s actions reflect a long-anticipated and increased scrutiny on entities—including employers—dealing with cryptocurrency. In the September 11 disciplinary complaint, FINRA alleged that a former Massachusetts…

Open space begins with open communication. The LA County Chief Sustainability Office and Liberty Hill held a workshop at the LA Trade-Tech College in preparation for the LA County Sustainability Plan on September 17, 2018. Nonprofits deliberated over the Office’s […]

Have you seen it yet? ‘Cause I think you should. It stars Keanu Reeves and Molly Ringwald. Here’s how Redbox describes it: Keanu Reeves delivers the action in this thriller packed with pulse-pounding suspense. In Russia to sell rare jewels to a businessman with underworld connections, U.S.

On September 18th, 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency informed the public about VW's and Audi's violation of the Clean Air Act, causing government agencies around the world to launch investigations.

The Five Eyes government intelligence alliance issued an encryption ultimatum to tech companies and device makers.

SEATTLE – Hagens Berman , a prominent Seattle-based national class-action law firm, has moved its flagship office to the heart of downtown Seattle, trading its Denny Triangle location for 1301 Second Ave. at the Russell Investments Center
The firm, which has called Seattle home for a quarter century, now occupies two floors at its new location, underscoring its focus on collaborative spaces, future growth and employee…

Anonymous Catalonia is claiming that they are responsible for the Denial-of-Service attack on the Bank of Spain’s website which took the website offline for a couple of days. This attack was part of a protest against the arrest of Catalan political leaders last year who were fighting for independence of the region. Andrew Lloyd, President at Corero …

On Tuesday the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to send a formal, “five-signature letter ” telling Sheriff Jim McDonnell to stop ASAP with his plans to “roll-out” the installation of audio-video recording devices for satellite lock-up facilities inside the county’s various criminal courthouses—devices that could also be accidentally used by the Los Angeles Police Department, the LASD, along with eager prosecutors to record inmates’ private…

Global foreign direct investment fell last year and is threatened by escalating trade tension. With economic repercussions of an all-out trade war estimated in the trillions of dollars, how can businesses navigate growing risks in global markets?
Simultaneous interpretation in English and Mandarin Chinese
This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website.

Laced side detail and muted diagonal stripe details on this sleeveless tunic, make styling effortless wether it's going to the beach or for a day of shopping.

California employment litigation attorney, Brian E. Cole II sees website accessability lawsuits soaring, often with QSR brands in the defendant's slot. In this article, he summarizes what's happening in courts nationwide and how QSRs can ensure they stay out of court and fine-free.

Understanding customer behavior is one of the best ways to create an ecommerce strategy around customer satisfaction. It’s no secret that when customers are pleased, they’ll come back (and even spend 67% more over their first three years with you, according to Bain & Co). So how can you best satisfy customers so they keep coming back to you? Understand their behavior, and adapt your user experience around it.

In our 60 minute webinar our International Employment Team will look at the key issues latest developments and most common challenges that arise in restructuring scenarios in the UK Germany France and Italy.

Orrick advised Munichbased 3D printing startup DyeMansion GmbH on its euro4.5 million Series A financing round.

Watch the video below “Clean and Blue” to learn about what causes ocean pollution and how you can help stop it. Make sure to also check out the Ocean Heroes Activity Guide for fun things to do on your own or with friends
Take action! The beaches belong to everybody, so it is everyone’s responsibility to protect them from pollution. Share what you’ve learned by drawing a picture with a message about how to keep our beaches and ocean pollution free. Be creative!…

September 15 . . . The City Project’s flagship project has led to LA State Historic Park, Rio de Los Angeles State Park, revitalizing the LA River, saving and expanding Baldwin Hills Park, saving Panhe and San Onofre State Beach, […]

A new Healing and Trauma Prevention Center on the Martin Luther King, Jr. medical campus in South L.A. provides a calming environment for counseling, support services…

But let's get this out of the way: These goats can't set webs to catch their prey, they don't possess super-strength, and they aren't tottering around the

A federal court in Connecticut recently granted summary judgment to a prospective employee on an employment discrimination claim brought under Connecticut’s Palliative Use of Marijuana Act (PUMA). The case, Noffsinger v. SSC Niantic Operating Co., LLC, d/b/a Bride Brook Nursing & Rehab. Ctr. (D. Conn. Sept. 5, 2018) adds to an evolving area of litigation…

Several new California laws are aimed at helping young persons accused of crimes avoid a life of crime as an adult. These laws also help parents too.