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Laser skin tightening treatments for facial rejuvenation, including costs, risks and benefits, and expected results and recovery.

Professional acne treatment and skin care products can alleviate an acne problem and effectively address the causes of acne.

Forget freaks and vampires: When it comes to beauty rituals, it’s our inner princesses who come out at night.

See how Dr. Carol Clinton & the Timeless Skin Solutions team can help you look and feel your best. Schedule a personalized consultation today!

Read about EltaMD sunscreens and skin care products published in health magazine.

Want brighter, tighter, and overall better-looking skin? There's an ingredient for that: vitamin C.

Alpharetta dermatologist Dr. Chynna Steele and her staff are committed to helping you achieve optimal skin care for healthy radiant skin that glows!

Give your skin the tools it needs to rebuild by choosing bedtime beauty formulas designed to work the night shift. Below, a selection of anti-aging treatments, blemish fighters and ultra-rich moisturizers that give new meaning to a “good night’s sleep.”

Daily Skin Care – regardless of your type of skin or skin condition it is important to care for your skin daily. PCA Skin has skin care products for every skin type that can be used during your daily skin care routine.

If you're looking for a highly effective means to reverse age spots, wrinkles, or lax skin, fractional laser resurfacing treatments just might be the...

A CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment can reduce deep lines and wrinkles, correct acne scarring, and lessen uneven pigmentation by precisely removing layers of damaged skin.

Kiwis are natives of the China’s Yangzte River Valley, but today are grown commercially worldwide. The fuzzy brown-skinned fruit with the tasty green center is loaded with nutritional benefits that rival those of many other fruits. Whether you eat them or apply the flesh to your skin, kiwis contain vitamins and other nutrients that contribute...

Ever since Amazon announced its plans to send Prime packages via drone back in 2013, we've been fascinated by the technology and all of its potential. It's

Now that winter is (finally) behind us, it's time to treat your skin to a few seasonal, easy-to-whip-up DIY treats