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Descriptions of many of the plastic surgery procedures performed in Beverly Hills by Dr. Perlman on the face, nose, breasts, stomach and body at the Camden Surgery Center. Filler injection, botox, Sculptra, laser fat reduction and more.

The pool in the front yard of Dr. Francis D’Ambrosio’s Hollywood Hills house is shady and filled with inflatable loungers that drift in the breeze. An empty energy drink can and full tray of butts rest on the table near the entrance. Just inside, in a home office to the...

Doctors say Facebook and video-chatting tools like Skype and FaceTime have partly fueled this decade's boom in plastic surgery. "People will come in and say, 'I saw myself in th...

A team of doctors across the world is helping the only two medical professionals left in one besieged town in Syria—via cell phone.

Plastic surgery is one of the most exciting and lucrative medical specialties in the U.S. In order to flourish in this competitive market, you need to be more than just skilled. You need to be connected, and highly credentialed. In this new show, emerging plastic surgeons will have the chance to distinguish themselves from the rest of the field
From the producers of Botched and a major cable network comes the next big thing in plastic surgery programming as we document the lives…

A surgical assistant in Denver was recently arrested for posing as a plastic surgeon and performing procedures on unwitting patients since at least January 2015.

Dr Jon Perlman is a widely recognized Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Beverly HIlls for approximately 30 years. He specializes in aesthetic and...

A new study suggests that compassion training may buffer against the detrimental effects of high-stress medical training, particularly for those prone to depression.

Doc opinions on MACRA, Medicare, electronic health records and being overworked.

The terms “ophthalmic surgeon” and “oculoplastic surgeon” are similar, and for the layperson, the terminology can be perplexing. The team at Los Angeles area Eyesthetica understands where confusion can arise, and we want our patients to understand the difference between these terms and exactly what our doctors do. Read on for an explanation. What These Doctors Have …

Get the look you've always wanted at LPS. We specialize in Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, hair restoration, mommy makeover, breast augmentation, Botox, nose surgery, facelift, keloid removal, lip injections and much more

Plastic surgeons are testing tools to identify patients who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder — and may be unhappy with even the best nose jobs.

Eyesthetica is home to some of the top cosmetic eye and facial surgeons in Los Angeles. Schedule a consultation with one of their board certified surgeons today.

Advances in procedure techniques are not the only thing attracting new patients to plastic surgery. Software imaging technology is changing the way...

More than 2 million Americans have elective cosmetic surgery every year. AesthetiCare Orange County Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers personal attention and absolute satisfaction
AesthetiCare offers a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to help you look and feel you’re very best
Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons serving Southern California, in practice for more than 31 years, Dr. Moser and Dr. Kane specialize in Breast Revision Surgery,…

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Greenville, a growing trend with younger patients in their twenties and thirties is catching on, and it's called preventative Botox. "I got into this industry becau...

Do surgeons use "wish pictures" sent by patients to use as reference to what their goals are in a bbl procedure? 

But the challenge isn't easy for accountable care organization practices that lack IT support, Farzad Mostashari says.

Dr. Glenn D. Cohen, M.D. is a hand surgeon with an orthopedic surgery practice located in the Southern California city of Thousand Oaks / Westlake Village (just north of Los Angeles).