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Beyond the Draft: Rethinking National Service The Franklin Project and Defense One Cordially invite you to a breakfast panel discussion featuring: General (R...

InterActive Legal offers simply the best document drafting solutions for estate planning and elder law attorneys.

Proposed standards will require financial firms to recover from any cyberattack within two hours.

Four-star Ret. General Stanley McChrystal explains why universal national service would not only enhance the lives of those serving, but would also bolster political and defense systems in the United States.

VTA is developing a new transit service plan
A changing financial outlook has made it clear that the Next Network Plan that was planned to be implemented when BART service to Santa Clara County begins is not financially sustainable
VTA’s Board of Directors has asked staff to develop a new plan, which we are calling the 2019 New Transit Plan, that would cost about 4 percent less to operate than the Next Network Plan and would place a greater emphasis on increasing ridership.…

Drafting a Godet. The drafting of a godet is inherently an easy process. There are no strict rules with regards to the measurements, and the size and shape w...

When you draft a contract, your goal is to state the terms and conditions of the parties’ agreement clearly and completely, using as few words as will accomplish the job. Follow these five pr…

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Welcome to the OSDE information page for standards. This page will connect you with timelines, draft standards, opportunities for feedback, and all other information about the process of developing new state standards in mathematics and English language arts
Under House Bill 3399 , which was signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin in June 2014, Oklahoma must have the new standards ready in 2016
The resulting…

Education is considered a key step in a person’s journey out of poverty, but paying for higher education can also be one of the biggest challenges. It certainly was for Randy, a young man sponsored through Unbound in the Philippines since he was 8 years old.
That’s where Unbound’s scholarship program came in. Funded by donations for Education, the scholarship [...]

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Computer Aided Drafting is design and drafting with the aid of a computer. Design is creating a project from an idea. Drafting is the construction of drawings needed to produce the product. CAD technicians work at the ground level in construction and manufacturing. They are the designers who transform the vision into blueprint that begins the process of building something new

On Monday, February 11, I will transmit to the Congress a comprehensive report on strengthening this Nation's capacity for rapid personnel mobilization in an emergency
The United States is committed to peacea peace that allows every nation to live in an atmosphere free of coercion or intimidation. We pursue that goal through many kinds of national strength-the strength of our ideals, the strength of our economy…

There is a 50-50 chance that women will be required to register for a possible military draft now that they are allowed to serve in all combat roles, Lawrence G. Romo, director of the Selective Service System (SSS), told a National Press Club Newsmaker audience Jan. 29.

The United States FWS is revising its current mitigation policy, which has been in place since 1981. This new draft is available for review and comments.

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts is facing a daunting task as drafting begins on the 2018 Farm Bill amid challenges confronting farmers
He and U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall were in Kansas this week for the first field hearing of the Senate agriculture committee and meetings with constituents about worries over the farm economy.
The last farm bill was written when commodity prices were high. They are now at a 60-year-low, farm credit is tightening and the trade outlook is uncertain.
Roberts also worries that…

The ACCC has announced its draft pricing for non-NBN wholesale broadband services with speeds of more than 25Mbps, with pricing to match NBN pricing over the next five years.

Learn your lineage, claim your space, and respect your art. Jen Fitzgerald will nurture the activist impulse and show you why socially-engaged poetry is necessary.