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The Deal
$32 for a comprehensive eye exam and $100 toward frames for prescription glasses ($250 value)
20/20 Vision: An Imperfect Ratio
The included eye exam will determine your visual acuity, which compares your vision to the 20/20 standard. Read on to find out what this metric really means
Possessing 20/20 vision may be considered perfect, a level of visual acuity reserved for Navy pilots and the bald eagles that train them, but in fact it’s not even close to average. Developed by…

Premium Mink Eyelash Extension Service with Two-Week Fill
Eyelash Extensions: Window Dressing for the Soul
Eyelid-enhancing lash extensions create a lush look. Learn what to expect with Groupon’s exploration of these eyelash impostors
The first modern false eyelashes were made from human hair, commissioned by silent-film director D. W. Griffith so that his starlet’s lashes would touch her cheeks with every soulful downward gaze. Although you…