Business in Wholesale District-Skid Row - Los Angeles, CA

While it’s a cliché that bathing suit shopping is depressing, it need not be given the accommodating and inventive array of options today.

In a new study, researchers found that World Trade Center responders with prostate cancer showed signs that inflammation was activated after exposure to the toxic dust from the site.

A conversation with a pool boy at a risqué resort that the Falwells — one of the most prominent evangelical...

Keith Raniere has been found guilty of numerous charges related to his role as the founder and leader of NXIVM, the ostensible self-help company that was actually a cult.

Slavery reparations hearing brings massive crowd to Capitol Hill, Cory Booker and Danny Glover testify before Congress.

Seeking $6.35 million, the Lenox Hill co-op was owned by the late fashion designer.

Hunk of the Day: Tegan Zayne
With a twitter profile that offers excitement wrapped within an enigma ~ [genetically designed to blow your mind/ living artist / Twitter is my digital canvas] – Tegan Zayne neatly earns his first Hunk of the Day feature here thanks to his dense creative web of rainbow wonder. Sometimes mystery wins the day. Sometimes beauty does. Both are at work in Mr. Zayne’s world. (Also, everyone loves a beard.)

High-tech house flippers such as Zillow are using algorithms to reshape the stodgy, $26 trillion market for U.S. residential real estate. They started in Phoenix, the petri dish for America’s housing experiments.

At the start of this month the California Arts Council announced a new slate of recipients for state art grants, and multiple Downtown-based organizations were among those chosen. Those include

Voluntary Field Corrective Action Issued for GE Healthcare’s Giraffe and Panda i-Res Infant Warmers
When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, the FDA posts the company's announcement as a public service. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company
Recall Reason Description
Bedside panels and latch areas on the beds may crack, break or become damaged if the unit…

Only Hawaii, North and South Dakota and Montana don't celebrate Juneteenth. Pennsylvania will join the states that do today.

In the wake of the city’s push to crack down on illegal dumping caused by businesses in Downtown, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced that it issued

Ooh! La La! Couture SS1960 4th of July Style: OLLCS1960 Denim print bodice Sequin star on bodice Multi layered skirt Ivory tulle layers with top red layer of tulle Skirt is flat Ooh! La La! SS1960

The Trump administration announced plans to detain undocumented immigrant children at the site where 700 Japanese Americans were incarcerated during Worl...

On this day in 1905, some 450 people attend the opening day of the world’s first nickelodeon, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and developed by the showman

Democrats exited the hearing room frustrated on Wednesday after a Department of Justice lawyer shut down every question for former...

Elections for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, an advisory group that provide a link between the community and city government, will be held this week. On Thursday, June 20

Semiotics is the study of works of art signs and symbols, either individually or grouped in sign systems that can give the viewer more insight from the work source and meaning. All painters work in a pictorial language by following a set of standards, and rules
La Luz De Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Semiotics , a group exhibition featuring works by artists Dianne Bennet, Meagan Boyd, Carlin Diaz, and Nathan Reidt . Each artist draws upon the signified (intuitive experiences) in…

Advances in passive hearing protection improve comfort, fit, and function.

Thirty years ago, the reverend made reparations for slavery core to his presidential campaigns. Now he’s watching as the House grapples with a proposal to study their feasibility.

Hunk of the Day: Tony Dokoupil
Husband of Katy Tur, our Hunk of the Day is ‘CBS This Morning’ newscaster Tony Dokoupil. At a time when our press is getting maligned daily, and their freedoms seem to be in danger of receding, I push back against such endeavors of silence and sing out the praises of Mr. Dokoupil and all those newscasters who continue to bring us truth and honest reporting in the face of such suppression.

The best places to go to for Afternoon Tea. Featuring everything from prosecco and gin and tonic to scones and jam across London and the UK

PEARS FOR LUNCH - [7 Available]
PAUL - [17 Available]

The northbound 101 Freeway has reopened near Mulholland Drive about two hours after a death investigation triggered a SigAlert during the morning rush Wednesday.
Traffic was backed up for miles near Barham and Cahuenga boulevards as California Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene at around 6:30 a.m. Southbound traffic also slowed down "due to rubbernecking," according to CHP.

Unlike many of us who worry about how we'll be remembered, Paul had a different priority as he neared his life's end. Learn how to leave a lasting legacy that truly matters when you listen to Truth For Life with Alistair Begg.

Throngs of Seoul’s residents spend leisure time lazing in tents crowded into parks, amid skyscrapers. The city is cracking down with new rules; no tents after 7 p.m., keep those flaps open.

From volcanos to spa parks and even glaciers - we're blessed with a vast array of gratis activities.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are negotiating a pair of proposed tax increases as the deadline approaches for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign a $214.8 billion operating...

If you close your eyes and think of not just California, but the DREAM of California, the PROMISE of the place, a very specific series of images and sounds course through the mind. Disneyland. Hollywood. The Dodgers. Suntans and beach volleyball and surfing safaris. Good Vibrations and California Dreamin'. The same sun still shines on sunny Southern California. And for many, the dream is still golden, still very real. The state of California boasts one of the most robust economies in the world.

A Belgian diplomat is expected to arrive in China on Wednesday to visit the Xinjiang region and confirm the whereabouts of a Uighur family who were taken from Belgium's embassy in Beijing by Chinese police last month, according to SBS World News. The disappearance of the woman and their four children has alarmed her husband, Abdulhamid Tursun, who is a political refugee living in Belgium. Tursun said he has not heard from his family since May 31, just a few days after they…

Trai chairman lauded telcos adoption of blockchain technology, saying it will empower consumer consent.

During the 2019 Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, we caught up with Andrew Wales, Chief Digital Impact and Sustainability Officer at BT . Our latest Expert Q&A explores employers’ growing need for skills in technologies like AI, and...

A new report published on Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association using data published by the United States Center For Disease Control and Prevention said the rate of young adults and adolescents dying of suicide reached its highest level in nearly two decades, according to PBS NewsHour. The report said there were 47 percent more suicides among people aged 15 to 19 in 2017 than in the year 2000; while there were also 36 percent more people aged 20 to…

IBM has announced updates to its Blockchain Platform, designed to support greater use across diverse networks.

We donated to, signed up for email, followed on social, and otherwise engaged and researched 100 nonprofits. Come to this webinar to see the state of the industry, where we’re succeeding, where we’re failing, and what we can do about it.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on Russia and Turkey to come together and stabilize Syria's northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday, according to Deutsche Welle. Civilians have been bearing the brunt of Russian and Syrian forces carrying out daily airstrikes in Idlib province and some hospitals were even resorting to not sharing their locations with the warring parties out of fear that “paints a target on their back.” Moscow has been working in support of Syrian