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With two seasons now under its belt, Castlevania’s animated series is looking cool as hell. Here’s a bit of a celebration of that, with a collection of art that went into the series’ production.

A rare collection of works by the comic book legend, including a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 with an estimate of $30,000 to $50,000, are going up for auction just days after Lee's death.

Put your wands up, muggles. The upcoming chapter in the “Harry Potter” universe looks to enchant moviegoers and dominate the global box office. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Gr…

The state argues President Donald Trump's appointment is in legal conflict with the Attorney General Succession Act

Butte County officials said they found the remains of six more victims in the deadliest fire in California's history, bringing the official death toll for the Camp Fire to 48, according to NBC News. All six sets of remains were found in the area of Paradise, California, on Tuesday. The town has been decimated by the Camp Fire after the blaze quickly took over the town on Thursday burning through more than 7,6000 homes and 260 commercial structures, making it also the most…

“Roma,” Alfonso’ Cuaron’s loving recreated portrayal of family life in 1970s Mexico, is to get a theatrical release in South Korea. The film was originally commissioned for online streaming giant N…

South Korea’s CJ Entertainment has picked up international sales rights to ambitious Malaysian drama “The Garden of Evening Mists.” The film’s cast mixes high profile Asian and Western stars. The p…

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the bankers at Goldman Sachs "cheated" Malaysia during dealings with the state fund 1MDB on Tuesday, according to CNBC. Mahathir has called for taking more aggressive steps to help recoup fees earned by the bank which has already been under scrutiny for its role in helping raise funds through bond offerings for 1MDB. The massive 1Malaysia Development Bhd has already become the subject of investigations in six countries looking into money-laundering and

After 238 cities vied to be home to Amazon's new "headquarters," the company chose the obvious: New York City and Arlington, Virginia.

The most recent report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation said hate crimes increased for the third straight year by nearly 17% during 2017, according to CNN. The FBI's report was released on Tuesday and warned how crimes spurred by antisemitism were leading the increase, even though violent crime in America was decreasing. There were more than 7,100 hate crimes reported across the U.S. last year, including attacks which were based on racial bias, religious bias, and a victim's sexual

No surprise here that avocado is a fan favorite. Here are five healthy swaps that’ll make you love avocados for even more than just your guac obsession. 

At first glance, the contentious Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process and the Trump Administration’s response to the apparent brutal assassination of Jamal Khashoggi have very little in common. But there is one disturbing commonality.

Cris Thomas (aka Space Rogue), global strategy lead at IBM X-Force Red, says that voters need to put election hacking vulnerability risks into perspective.

By now, companies should recognize the importance of personalization.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mostly correct on this matter and her conservative critics are wrong.

Turmeric, a bright-yellow spice best known as an ingredient in curry, is gaining scientific interest as a natural alternative to arthritis medications.

Outdoor sunlight can trigger symptoms, so she’s training for the extreme ultra in her 115-degree sunroom.

If your taxable income is exceptionally low this year, or even if you expect not to be required to file a tax return this year, a number of tax opportunities may be available to you. But time is running short, since these opportunities will require action on your part before year’s end.

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It isn’t news that DevOps and IT security teams often struggle to align their departments and maintain a coherent balance between keeping a business secure and developing new applications to maintain customer interest. While security processes are a necessity, they can be deemed by DevOps teams to be manual and cumbersome, blocking the agility that …

Even though the National Rifle Association told doctors they were unqualified to speak out on gun control, doctors have been sharing gruesome pictures of their attempts to treat gunshot victims to convince people still on the fence about gun control reform in the United States, according to CBS News. The NRA tweeted earlier this week "someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane" in response to a paper published by the American College of Physicians which contained

If you're thinking, "Hey! This sounds just like me", click below. You will see our full job description and requirements - plus, you can apply for the position. If applying for Studio Manager position, you must have management experience, and please note that you are applying for Manager on application.
Complimentary RBP classes

In light of the news this morning that the value of the average data breach fine in the UK has doubled in one year, please find below comment Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab: “Customers that entrust private information to the care of any online provider, should be safe in the knowledge that their data is stored securely. However, …

If you're a solo entrepreneur, start-up business or a consultant, working from home might be cheap but it's not practical if you want to expand or need facilities like meeting rooms to meet clients...

Go mad for plaid with sleepwear styles from Victoria's Secret. Shop flannel pajamas, robes, nighties and more!

This cozy peach colored cable-knit sweater is spun from a superfine merino wool blend. The ribbed turtleneck and runway-chic bubble sleeves take its style to the next level. Shop for the latest sweaters. BCBG

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Caught smack in the middle of the U.S.-China trade war, America's soybean farmers are taking a huge gamble. Rather than selling the crop right away as they pull it out of the ground -- as they do almost every harvest season to pay the bills -- they are instead stashing it in silos, containers, bins, bags, whatever they can get their hands on to keep it safe and dry. The hope is that over the next few months, trade tensions will ease, and…