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Before you quit your job and strike out alone freelancing, consider the following 10 questions and see how easily you answer them:

A Los Angeles police motor officer was injured in a collision involving an SUV in Van Nuys on Friday morning.

Feeling angry and resentful about clients and crying for no reason can be signs of burnout, which has just been re-labelled by the World Health Organisation.

Next week, a holiday commemorates the abolition of slavery in Confederate states. We discuss Juneteenth and African American history in general.

While it's not among the older Tucsons currently under recall, the circumstances are concerning

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Mount Everest’s base camp is becoming ever more popular – but mountaineers and tourists leave tons of trash.

On June 12, 2019, the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) voted 3-1 that listing four subspecies of bumble bee may be warranted under the

On my first trip to Israel, in the fall of 1993, I booked a room in a dorm in Jerusalem. I settled my bags in, and descended down to the lobby to go exploring.

As few as one in four Americans have money saved to see them through retirement, according to the US Federal Reserve. And even the older generation has not put enough aside to support their golden years.

Loving Day, celebrated on June 12 each year, honors the 1967 Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia, which ended interracial marriage bans in those 16 states that still had them.

UrbanFutsal LA is a premier indoor futsal facility located in LA. Our sister site UrbanPitch.com is dedicated to street football, freestyle & futsal news.

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Every day, hundreds of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 get paid to learn new skills and take classes with the LA Conservation Corps. The work is interesting, the people are supportive and you’ll get the attention you need to succeed on the job and in the classroom.

This excerpt is from Raj Kumar's book, "The Business of Changing the World". The book was chosen as the World Economic Forum Book Club's monthly book for June. Each month, a new book is selected and discussed among the group, with the author joining in on the last day of the month to reply to some questions from our participants.

Dr. James Mason Heaps is a retired obstetrician-gynecologist who worked at UCLA and has recently been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct.

Reporting to the Assistant Director of Accounting and Finance, the Accounting Specialist provides support to the accounting department by managing daily accounting tasks; analyzing, validating, and classifying financial data; and, preparing and posting of journal entries to ensure all business transactions are recorded accurately and in a timely manner. The Accounting Specialist will assist with the update of financial data in accounting systems, investigate and resolve…

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Whether you’re fairly new to CSS or an experienced developer from elsewhere in the stack who wants to make sure your understanding of…

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The computing ecosystem must continue to evolve – maybe into the quantum realm – if AI is to come to full fruition.

Shavuot is the Festival that marks the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, God’s revelation of enduring truth. This revelation is symbolized by the Ten Commandments, and the auspicious passage from Exodus is included in the Torah portion for the day. The holy scroll is removed from the Ark, and we stand once again to hear the voice of divinity
The eminent Jewish composer Simon Sargon, long-time music director of Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, celebrated his 80th birthday in April of 2018,…

a guide for upskilling from a self taught track
Web developers nowadays tend to be self-taught and entering the field with just enough knowledge to get started but not dangerous enough to dethrone those with computer science degrees
A lot of self-taught developers get stuck in a space known as noobville, not because they’re bad at coding, but because they simply need some guidance. I remember being in noobville, once upon a time, about 7 years ago and wished for a guide that…

A simple and customizable project with Python and Selenium, that will search for flights and send the prices directly to your email!

As a key part of the region’s extraordinary history of struggle, the Cuban Revolution’s José Martí First Front, led by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, will soon have its own museum here

Leading cannabis software for dispensaries, delivery services and brands. Allowing brands to sell directly to consumers to increase supply chain revenue.

Rose Hill, the New Castle estate of American impresario Billy Rose, is scheduled for demolition within the next week or two. Help us save its magnificent limestone entryway! Best remembered as the…

The Communist Party of Canada denounces the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cease the issuance of visas to Cubans to visit Canada from its embassy in Havana
We consider this a hostile act which will seriously curtail people-to-people exchange between Cuba and Canada, and constitutes a major setback to the long-time friendly, economic, social, and diplomatic relations between our two countries. We therefore…

On Wednesday, the body of Chanel Scurlock—a transgender black woman—was discovered in a field in Lumberton, N.C. shortly after midnight. She was 23.

We love seeing how our customers put their Olde Good Things to use – especially when that use is creative and unexpected. This 15-light steel window with pebbled glass was salvaged from a commercial…

The U.S. Department of Justice told the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday it doesn't plan to appeal a landmark Federal Circuit decision earlier this year extending benefits to so-called Blue Water Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange offshore.

Three top students in East Los Angeles - heading to Harvard, Brown and Dartmouth - hope to return one day and work on making their community a better place.

Despite its name, the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act Reauthorization is not simply about television. It is about performance rights. It’s about the NAB’s hypocrisy.

The outreach campaign has brought Maria Pappas and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, full circle on this issue.

The Seychelles and the Nordic Investment Bank are among those offering investment bonds for ocean-friendly projects, such as wastewater treatment and preventing pollution.

This is a guest story by Stewart Dunlop from Fieldboom
As any entrepreneur will tell you, one key to running a successful business is not just attracting a large number of customers to your brand — but keeping them on board for the long haul. While providing high-quality products or services to your customers is, of course, essential to maintaining them, the modern consumer expects even…

iOS developers hit Apple with a class-action lawsuit claiming the tech giant has cornered the iOS app market with its App Store and knowingly used its monopo...