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This page allows external customers the ability to watch the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) meetings that have video and audio webcasting capabilites.

Changes included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could have a meaningful impact for working musicians — some will keep money in your pocket, others won't.

While gene editing could be a useful tool against diseases and birth defects, selecting complex traits such as intelligence and athletics isn't possible.

On December 5, the European Forum of Deposit Insurers ("EFDI") published a non-binding guidance paper (dated June 18, 2018) on deposit guarantee schemes' ("DGSs

★★★★★ First time car buyer , and Gabriel did a great job getting me in and out. It was quick and so many people were there . Erick also made the time fly talking us while helping me pick out my car. Went in for an Insight & left with Coupe EXT. when he first showed me i feel I’m love. It had more features than the insight at a lower cost . Highly recommended

The CSJ Institute is producing a variety of resources to help our Mount community grow in the spirit of our founders, including short videos from our Oral History Project of the Sisters of St. Joseph, as well as online and print materials
Mount students and faculty are advancing research on the contributions and achievements of our sisters as well as social issues of importance to…

Philanthropy has been taken to task lately. Here's one reason why philanthropists have been failing.

The new federal climate report (the "Fourth National Climate Assessment") paints a dire picture of our future — including compromised food safety — if we don't rein in greenhouse gas

It’s that time of year again. Holiday party décor can add a lot of excitement to an event. Whether it’s by adding a theme to your apartment or turning on cheerful music, you can make any party one to remember. Create the perfect mood for any of your house parties with these five suggestions.

Many of the world's most extreme weather events in 2017 were made more likely and, in some cases, even caused by human activity

Scientists like Ocko stress that climate change is already displacing communities, destroying infrastructure, harming public health and burdening the global economy.

Do you sell stuff at your gigs? Me too. After experiencing a slump in sales over the last few years, I’ve recently changed my “pitch” a bit and added a few more items to the table, and things are looking . . . Up! I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing, and I’d love to …

Blog about CS-Cart shopping cart features, conversion tools, and selling online

“A golden sunset and a San Simeon Gray Genesis #G90. The perfect pair. #GenesisUSA”

Steve W. Berman of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP has been involved in several high-profile class action cases, including a $25 million settlement with Samsung and Toshiba after the companies were accused of collectively raising prices of optical disk drives. These accomplishments landed him among Law360’s 2018 Class Action MVPs.

The five most important factors when considering social and ad platforms for your music promotion. You want more people to hear your music. But how? PR is expensive. Radio promotion is costly too. Playlist promotion? Yeah, add that to your growing list of big-ticket promo campaigns. Now you’re broke with no guarantee of results. On …

Even our clothes are made of plastic, with the average U.S. citizen generating over 90 pounds of textile waste each year.

According to the 2015 report of the California Men’s Health Study, cannabis use was associated with a 45% decreased risk of bladder cancer.

The City Project and Anahuak Youth Sports Association use soccer as an organizing tool to bring people together to create the kind of community where they want to live and raise children, reflecting the value of soccer in immigrant communities. […]

Renee Delisle was one of over 3,500 homeless people in Santa Cruz when she found out she was pregnant. The Santa Cruz Sentinel

Mia Yamamoto was born in a Japanese internment camp and served in the Vietnam War. Then, after she became a leading criminal defense attorney, she came out as transgender.

What is music metadata? Metadata is “data about data” — information about information. In the digital music world, it’s the data that accompanies your songs and albums. Today there are (at least) two GIANT reasons why you need to have COMPLETE and CORRECT metadata for all your music online. First, metadata helps build a digital …

Investment in green, efficient urban centres is central to China's long-term plans for growth.

Congratulations to Orrickrsquos Jonathan Guy on his selection to Washingtonianrsquos Top Lawyers list.