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Second-year medical student Orly Farber reflects on the wildfires that have burned through Northern and Southern California this month.

Using PET and MRI to predict recurrence probability in glioblastoma patients could allow increased radiotherapy dose delivery to high-risk tumour regions

Researchers name the worst malware and threat actors of 2018 so far, several vulnerabilities were disclosed, and HSBC Bank reveals it suffered a data breach.

A good book can transform boredom into bliss in the amount of time it takes to buckle yourself into an airplane seat. Yet all too …

LAPD's new chief is taking a new approach to cracking down on illegal street racing. On Tuesday representatives of a multi-agency task force updated the city council on its progress and plans to get tougher.

Chris Wilson of WPA Intelligence explains why the value and importance of data varies in political campaigns.

November 20th is “Transgender Day of Remembrance", which is commemorated every year to honor and remember those who have been murdered in the past year as a ...

Ride-hailing app Uber is rapidly expanding its business interests, which requires an IT infrastructure that can scale just as quickly as its ambitions, according to the company's head of compute, Dean Nelson

A widespread scam pretending to be from Elon Musk and utilizing a stream of hacked Twitter accounts and fake giveaway sites has earned scammers over 28 bitcoins or approximately $180,000 in a single day. This scam is being pulled off by attackers hacking into verified Twitter accounts and then changing the profile name to “Elon Musk”. They …

IoT devices create massive amounts of data, all which could be polluted to throw off operations, business decisions, and even machine learning models.

Did you know tooth decay is the most common preventable childhood disease? It is important

The latest issue of Stanford Medicine magazine explores the potential for digitally driven innovation to transform health education, diagnostics and care.

National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for people living with a brain tumor today and anyone who will be diagnosed tomorrow. This means effecting change in the system at all levels.

History was made at Centennial Hills Hospital in June when the first set of triplets was born there. Weighing just over 3 pounds each, they needed the specialty services only a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) could provide. Mothers Rickisha Allen and Leilani Estavan chose to have their babies at Centennial Hills Hospital because of its specialized NICU care. Allen says her OB-GYN Lamarr Tyler, DO, helped them with their decision and knew it would be the “best” for their baby…

In Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, LGBTQ clothing designers at La Chhouk Recycled & Creative Fashion use fashion to battle discrimination.

There is danger in comparing yourself to others, especially when speaking of comparing self-harm experiences. Learn why you shouldn't do that at HealthyPlace.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner in the Arizona U.S. Senate race, becoming the first openly bisexual person elected to the body.

Security has always been an arms race. But the addition of AI is like jumping from tomahawks to Tomahawk missiles.

Feeling like everyone has bundles of joy except you? Our Los Angeles fertility center tells how to cope with infertility and holiday stress.