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DTLA - Last month, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority eliminated from consideration a Pershing Square stop on an upcoming rail line that will link Downtown Los Angeles with Southeast Los Angeles

Now accepting submissions for seminars at CD Baby’s 5th annual DIY Musician Conference. The DIY Musician Conference is the only music industry event focused exclusively on the needs of independent artists. We’re looking for instructors who’ll help make it an action-packed, action-oriented weekend for the emerging and career musicians that attend. This year we’re hosting …

Many people think they are saved simply because they attend church. But as the saying goes, “Just because you’re in the garage, doesn’t mean you’re a car!” On Truth For Life with Alistair Begg, we will be challenged to evaluate whether or not we’re truly following Christ.

For many Jewish organizations, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a time to talk about the current state of black-Jewish relations.

Efforts to blame abuse cases on a “homosexual subculture” in the Catholic hierarchy have divided the church and drawn charges of scapegoating.

A family is desperately searching for a man who walked out of a mental health facility in New York and took a Greyhound across the country to Los Angeles.

Tom Brady Nude (For Real)
Despite what we might feel about invasion of privacy, here is Tom Brady doing some naked sunbathing . If this is how Mr. Brady prepares for a new season (even if he is on a little break), I should have been born a football player. Anyway, we are headed into the pigskin season, and based on this peek at a naked Tom Brady , I say Go Pats!

Tired of having a dark, discolored smile? Keep your teeth brighter between dental checkups and

Hunk of the Day: Harry Shum Jr
His shirtless form teased the promise of this Hunk of the Day post, and now Harry Shum Jr. earns the honor in official fashion. Dub-stepping into the spotlight on ‘Glee’ ( where so many HODs earned their hunky mettle ), he showcased his dancing skills and gave some badly-needed Asian-representation to Fox’s prime time line-up. Somehow I missed his appearance in ‘ Crazy Rich Asians ‘ so I need to revisit that fun film as soon…

Forever 21 has Off-the-Shoulder Tops for every occasion! Shop blouses and bodysuits with off-the-shoulder necklines in cutout, crop top, shirt, sweater, denim, chambray, lace-up, ruffled, floral, smocked, and surplice styles.

Check out the latest apparel and accessories collections for men and women by Valentino. Shop now on the official Online Boutique in the US.

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Happy Pancake Tuesday! For those who have never heard of it, Pancake Tuesday (aka Shrove Tuesday, aka Fat Tuesday) falls on the day before Lent every year, and is associated with the practise of using up richer “fatty” foods like eggs, milk, and sugar (hence the pancakes) before the fasting season of Lent begins. I don

Zac Efron: Shirtlessly Gratuitous
It’s been a while since we last featured some shirtless Zac Efron shots here , and what time better than this snowy present to gift his fans with a few more ? Looking back through the archives, Mr. Efron really does deserve his own category (a la David Beckham , Tom Ford , Madonna , Tom Daley , Ben Cohen and the equally-scintillating like – such as ‘ Gratuitous Nudity ‘). That may happen if he ever does a…

Written by Emerald Archer, PhD, director, Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary's University Two years ago, I joined Mount Saint Mary's

"In Globalization 4.0, companies that have nothing to do with growing cocoa still capture a disproportionate amount of profits from its end products."

In the 1840s, hopeful American and British lovers sent lacy valentines with cursive flourishes and lofty poems by the thousands. But what to...

Jobs that tap both technical and creative thinking will be likely to pay well—and resist automation.

Why are the roofs flat? When did the first World Economic Forum meeting take place? And what's the elementary connection between Sherlock Holmes and Davos?

Lorna Doom might have been the most punk rock musician of all the Germs. She seemed completely uninterested in fame. After the group’s breakup, she didn’t linger in the music scene in a series of increasingly mundane and careerist groups like so many of her peers did. Instead, she virtually disappeared for decades, becoming the punk equivalent to Greta Garbo.

★★★★★ (Translated by Google) Very good service
Muy buen servicio

Dirty Dave and Daddy Differently – Things of Life (01.18.19) - Dirty Dave and Daddy Differently
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Reverend Andy Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission, says Los Angeles' housing plans will only put a roof over 25 percent of the population.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth has many scenes with characters who only appear for a few moments, but manage to make their screen time memorable--Sir Didymus, the dancing Fireys, and that little worm that just wants you to come inside "and meet the missus" come to mind. Among those lovable characters are the pair of Door Knockers, both the Left and the Right, who squabble like an old married couple and have a really tough time talking with their mouths full. Now, all of you…

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It’s another season of the Producers Guild of America Awards, an award that sees to it that producers get their reward for doing such great producing jobs in the previous year. It also gives the Gu…