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From Belize to Barbados, tourist beaches have been swamped by huge tides of foul-smelling sargassum – and climate change could make the problem worse

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Women of Silicon Valley asked Native folks of all genders in STEM to share their stories…

The search for victims of a catastrophic blaze that reduced a northern California town to ashes intensified on Thursday as authorities posted an expanded list of nearly 300 people reported missing in the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. At least 56 people have been confirmed

Latest Tele-Talk : Accelerating India's digital transformation through cloud

Argentina’s navy said that a military submarine that went missing almost exactly a year ago with 44 crew members on board has been found.

The Bible makes it clear that God is in control of all things, but does that mean we don’t have to take action? On Truth For Life, Alistair Begg addresses that question as he continues our study titled, “The Hand of God”.

Two former U.S. government officials also discuss the responsibilities private companies have to their users and the greater public.

Ahoy, mateys — I’m excited to share this vegan cruise opportunity from my fab friend Jill Nussinow. It’s the escape we’ve all dreamed of. Treat yourself to a relaxing cruise vacation where you enjoy the food you love without a struggle. This summer, explore the Mediterranean with Jill Nussinow aka The Veggie Queen™. Jill leads...Read More »

Vogue’s Nicole Phelps recently interviewed Ed Razek, chief marketing officer at Victoria’s Secret, about the company’s legacy and relevance in 2018. The lingerie giant had just wrapped its annual, much-discussed fashion show, and the brand had just gotten a boost from the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s decision to don the iconic angel wings and underthings for their Halloween costumes, racking up millions of likes and a barrage of press.

Four ways the design and housewares businesses are catering to a generation that wants to mix and match and will buy (nearly) anything online.

A flutter in the leaves, breeze blowing the feathers of a perched bird, can send your spirits (and health) soaring

Mayor Bill de Blasio fired the commissioner of New York City’s Department of Investigation on Friday after the findings of a whistleblower probe said the commissioner had abused his power when he unilaterally absorbed another investigative agency into his own.

Jennie-O-Turkey is recalling more than 91,000 pounds of raw turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak. The recall is the first tied to an outbreak the U.S. Department of Agriculture says is widespread. It has resulted in one death and 164 reported illnesses in 35 states.

If a recent ruling by the SEC is any indication, the major U.S. stock exchanges might want to prepare for heavier oversight of their businesses. Learn more.

Talking about the game helps build and maintain relationships, and can make up for the loss of identity you feel after you stop working.

Hunk of the Day: Morgan Cipres
The season of figure skating is in full-effect , so I may finally be able to talk sports without sounding like an uninformed punk. ( Has that pesky Superbowl happened yet? I’ve lost track since Madonna vacated the field .) But figure skating is something I can get excited about, and rating the quads and Triple salchows is just as compelling as watching grown men kick and carry a ball around for no discernible purpose. Which brings…

Police Officer Toshio Hirai succumbed to injuries he sustained in a motorcycle crash the previous day.

The attorney reviews the client’s documents face to face and this first meeting sets the stage for future in-depth conversations which are…

The new World Bank Human Capital Index highlights the benefits of investing in health and education, and the dire consequences of leaving people behind.

See The Wrong Windows at Silverlake Lounge on November 16, 2018 at 8:00pm with Saf Ro.

Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) is a condition that can attack the nervous tissue and the myelin (the protective coating) of the spine nerves.

Guerrero’s first blip on the radar was as a pro-skater with Powell Peralta’s legendary Bones Brigade. Yet music was always a constant in his life, and as time went on it quickly rose to the forefront. Through the trajectory of skate culture he traveled the worlds of Hip-Hop, D.I.Y. punk, electronica, worldbeat, and the vibrant visual arts, all culminating in an impressive body of work that he describes as, “…..breakbeat, noir, spaghetti western, surf soundtracks”
What he can do with a guitar, a…

The former lobbyist has continued to push President Trump’s deregulatory agenda in last four months as acting administrator.

Metro Bike Share is launching a pilot program offering electric-assist bicycles in downtown Los Angeles as part of the bike share network. #MetroEBike #LADOT...

Reuters reported a United Nations peacekeeping base was targeted with mortar bombs and gunfire on Friday in the Democratic Republic of Congo's city of Beni as the country continued to fight the worst Ebola epidemic it has ever faced in the same region. The region of North Kivu where Beni resides has seen a large increase in rebel fighting and the most recent attack follows a clash that killed 12 Congolese soldiers and seven U.N. peacekeepers earlier this week. That attack was one…

In Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, LGBTQ clothing designers at La Chhouk Recycled & Creative Fashion use fashion to battle discrimination.

"Hardly News" - the first track from Criminal Hygiene's new album Run it Again. Out March 1, 2019. Preorder at Get involved at Cr...

Security Vulnerabilities Found In Popular Self-Encrypting Solid State Drives (SSDs) Let Hackers Bypass Hardware Encryption and Decrypt Data