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Strangers gave money to a school-teacher after hearing about the difficulties her student's face.

A Porsche driver fatally struck a homeless person sleeping under the 101 Freeway near Silver Lake on Wednesday afternoon, according to officials.
The driver lost control of his Porsche while traveling northbound on Bellevue Avenue near Coronado Street, Los Angeles police Officer Alfonso Lopez said.

Do you navigate your sprinkler controller with ease and confidence or might it as well be in Klingon? Would it surprise you to know many homeowners feel like...

His Helsinki outing was tone-deaf but his policy is cribbed from Bush and Obama.

In response to attacks on individuals in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, the social-media platform will remove information if posts are flagged by local partners as potentially leading to violence.

Less than a year after China’s Ofo Inc. entered the U.S. with big ambitions, the world’s largest bike-share company plans to shut down most of its U.S. operations, people familiar with the matter said.

The Spanish government introduced new legislation on Wednesday which states consent must be explicitly given during sexual interaction after massive protests rocked the country earlier this summer over a controversial court case, according to The Guardian. The consent law focused on how "yes means yes" which means consent is only granted when all partners specifically say it out loud and anything aside from vocal consent, including silence, would constitute sexual assault under Spain's criminal

Thomas Klepper – Library of Sounds Past Present and Future Directions (07.17.18)
Thomas is part founder and resident of Music For Dancers, a Los Angeles staple in the underground dance community. His other projects include, but are not limited to, Open Spaces (live electronic music for listening), Association of Masks (cassette/vinyl label with limited releases), New Age Heroes (a blog of interviews that expose local unknown electronic music talent), Music by Romeo, Rinpoche Boys.

Tyler Bell – Check In (07.17.18)
Taeko Ohnuki – Wander Lust
Norma Jean – No Competition
Clifton Chenier and His Red Hot Louisiana Band – Party Down
Godwin Omobuwa & His Soundamkers – Look, Look, Look
Ganiya Kale – His Guinea Mambo Orchestra – Cool Cats Invitation
Los Daddys – Yo Soy Cumbiambero
La Cantaleta – Tropical Playa Suave
Los Galax De San Juan – El Amor Es Asi
Rocio Durcal – Dejame Vivir

Optical Track is a weekly show presented by members of the Echo Park Film Center Co-op, a group of artists who collectively staff EPFC as volunteers for the cinematic revolution. Each week we will bring you a sonic slideshow as we turn off the projector bulbs and turn up the sound. Tuesdays 8 – 10pm pacific time on KFEP.
Find Echo Park Film Center online at .
Echo Park Film Center - Optical Track (07.17.18)

Hot, dry weather combined with a lingering high-pressure system have kept 1,400 firefighters busy fighting the 26-square-mile blaze outside of Yosemite National Park in California, according to NBC News. The fire is threatening more than 100 homes and businesses and has been sending a giant plume of smoke so dense firefighters have only had limited use of aircraft and has been endangering anyone nearby with health conditions. “Use common sense. If it looks smoky outside, it’s probably not a good

President Donald Trump and his team realized he had made mistakes during a news conference in Helsinki alongside Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and intense efforts to address the situation began on the long flight home.

The European Union’s $5 billion antitrust action against Alphabet Inc.’s Google, while historic, ultimately may not prove too onerous.

President Donald Trump said he would consider the United States making a trade deal with Mexico and then doing a separate one with Canada at a later time on Wednesday, according to Reuters. The comments may cast some doubts about the potential success of the ongoing talks at renewing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). “We have had very good sessions with Mexico and with the new president of Mexico, who won overwhelmingly, and we’re doing very well on our trade agreement,”…

California has made a point of resisting policies that would normalize racial, ethic and religious profiling. But the City of Los Angeles has stirred fears by considering a federal grant to combat extremism that would encourage targeting of Muslims.

Reuters reports London’s Heathrow Airport, Europe’s biggest, cancelled and delayed flights Wednesday as a result of problems with a supplier’s IT systems, British Airways said. Passengers at Terminal 5 rushed around in chaotic fashion at the airport as flights were cancelled or delayed by several hours, the report said. In a statement released by British Airways, the airline said “We are working with our supplier to resolve the matter and are sorry for the disruption to our customers’ travel

To share what makes water pipelines seismically durable, what the current vulnerabilities are, and how to best strengthen our existing system, SCAG in partne...

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Tonkon Torp targeted alongside Sidley Austin and prominent auditing firms that did work for Aequitas Management has reached an $18.5 million deal that would resolve a proposed investor class action and related individual suits. Sidley continues to face claims.

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Wi-Fi networks at San Diego International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are among the least secure in the U.S., according to research from cloud security supplier Coronet. Coronet analyzed five months of data from more than 250,000 people traveling through the nation's 45 busiest airports, looking for risks with the networks and vulnerabilities of the devices using the networks.

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A plan to tax property owners to fund the federally-mandated clean-up of local waterways will go before Los Angeles County voters in November.

Unprepared for a financial windfall that came her way, Alabama-native and startup business owner, Carlita Evans-Mack, sought out the tools…