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God is not like a plant, or dog, or a human. Yet we have something in common with God. This explains what it means to be created in his 'image.'

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Grant Proposal Writing Training in Ft. Worth, Texas Grantsmanship Training Program® June 4 - 8, 2018 Ft. Worth, Texas June 4 - 8, 2018

Today, May 25, 2018, the EU’s new data protection law goes into effect. The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as the GDPR, is the biggest change to European data protection law in over 20 years and seriously impacts businesses across the U.S. and around the world.

Resveratrol Face Mask The Creme Shop's resveratrol face mask contains resveratrol extract to promote ageless skin. Known for its benefits in red wine and dark chocolate, resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that is the next best thing to the Fountain of Youth. Reverses skin damage and smoothens deep and fine wrinkles.

The website was easy to follow, and I personally dropped off my documents. I went early thinking there would be a huge line, but I was in and out in 10 minutes. Now I can focus on packing for my trip!

Call RBMA’s Detroit History Hotline at +1-313-986-4606 to hear stories and memories from key figures in Detroit electronic music.

I'm 15 and want to be a professional ballet dancer. I have ballet five times a week, contemporary once a week and rehearsals year-round. It

Ever ask, 'God where are you?' In the midst of really difficult circumstances, here is what you can count on God for...

Flash: New Law Orders SEC to Allow Reporting Companies to use Regulation A+:

'Grand Central Market has boomed with new food stalls offering delicious food in many forms, but navigating all of the 38 stalls can be overwhelming. The Taste of Grand Central Market tour by Secret City Tours acquaints you with samples from vendors new and old, providing worldly flavors and helpful insights. The dinnertime feast gives you a bounty of delicious food -- enough for a meal -- as well as a mental cheat sheet for many return trips to the culinary wonderland. Drinks…

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The major airlines had suspended its non-stop survives to Mumbai in 2009. It had then blamed Middle Eastern airlines for hurting its ability to operate in parts of Asia. "It is exciting to be able to announce Delta's return to India from the US as part

The apostle Paul explains that faith isn’t a gift that can be earned. And on Truth For Life, Alistair Begg teaches that our confidence in Jesus’ work is the foundation of our faith through the Holy Spirit.

Activists say that Bangladeshi police have shot more than 50 accused drug traffickers in the past week during an anti-narcotics crackdown operation, sparking fears about a Duterte-style drug war with widespread extrajudicial killings, according to The Guardian. Even though the campaign claims to be targeting the "drug menace" inside the country, one family member said their relative was actually an opposition political activist who never touched drugs which has raised concerns from some that the

Sky, Moon & Star
You cannot see it from the crappy phone grab, but this is a crescent moon in the sky at dusk, along with a single star in the lower right of the frame. It floated above me while I floated in the pool for the first time this year. How many chances do we each get to swim below a crescent moon? I’m taking each and every one I can get.

Cyclone Mekunu pounded the Yemeni island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea on Thursday as it made its way to Oman, sending sheets of rain which flooded the streets and sank at least two ships. So far 19 people were reported missing the powerful storm. Indian meteorologists warned the "very severe" cyclone would strike Oman on Saturday near the third-largest city of Salalah, which is home to almost 200,000 people near the border with Yemen. India said the cyclone had sustained winds reaching…

Chief executive says ‘the trend has been positive in every single region’ as jeweller beats analysts’ estimates and raises profit forecasts

Southern California home prices surged in April, rising 7.2% from a year earlier and setting a new all-time high, while sales slipped 1.5%, according to a new report out Wednesday

Nebraska State Police confirmed on Thursday they found almost 120 pounds (54 kilograms) of fentanyl, the powerful synthetic painkiller which has been contributing to the widespread opioid crisis in the United States, according to BBC news. The seizure was one of the largest busts in U.S. history. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said the amount seized could kill more than 26 million people. Police had uncovered the drugs hidden inside a fake compartment of a truck, so both the driver

Air Pollution in the Womb: Air-pollution’s tie to poor health outcomes for kids was in the news twice this week. The New York Times reported on recent findings that the children of women living in highly polluted areas while pregnant are more likely to have high blood pressure between ages 3 and 9. In a separate finding, also reported on by The New York Times, scientists uncover that, in areas where coal- and oil-fired power plants have shut down, the rates of premature…

SEIU 1000 contested a contracted custodian contract at a California state prison in Stockton. It won its grievance, but disabled workers employed through PRIDE Industries worry they'll lose their jobs.

North Korea delivered a statement on Thursday evening which said it was willing to forge ahead with a summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump "at any time," just hours after Trump suddenly canceled the meeting after fiery rhetoric and "tremendous anger" from Pyongyang, according to The Washington Post. Vice Foreign Minister Kim Gye Gwan wrote the statement emphasized how Pyongyang was positioning themselves as the mature parties of the Singapore meeting. Kim said the two countries

It’s official. Class action waivers are enforceable in employment arbitration agreements. On Monday, May 21, 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the...

From E3 to Fleet Week, it's going to be a hot time in L.A
Updated on May 24, 2018
Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake | Instagram by @bitely
For generations of Angelenos, summer means afternoons by the pool, trips to the beach, concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, Dodger Dogs and July 4th fireworks. Go beyond these perennial favorites with our Los Angeles summer bucket list.
E3 (June 12-14, 2018)
E3 is the world's premier event for computer, video and mobile games and…

Mai Mai militia members attacked Banro Corp's eastern Congo Namoya gold mine on Thursday, using rifles and artillery fire, killing five people, according to a Banro geologist who spoke to Reuters. Several more were wounded in the second attack targeting the mine in less than a year. “The rebels tried to take expatriate workers on site as hostages but they didn’t succeed because they couldn’t reach the place where they were taking refuge,” geologist Bienfait Mukelo told Reuters by telephone. The

Put your music and profile to work on Spotify. Spotify wants you to know how to get the most out of your music on their platform. The better you do, the better they do. So they’ve launched a series with video tutorials with usage-cases to show you creative ways of spiffing up your discography, analyzing …

Those lunch breaks that hourly workers never take start to add up and can be a major profit for employers. NPR's Planet Money team explores a concept known as time theft.

Many house hunters are under the mistaken impression that new homes are flawless and, therefore, more valuable than resale property. Here’s the skinny on the advantages and disadvantages of purc

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Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown and others answered questions during a recent eFiling panel. Here are the top answers from that event.

Apex International, a global supply chain solutions provider, has leased the 104,339-square-foot industrial property at 18554 S. Susana Road in Rancho Dominguez, Calif
RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIF. — DAUM Commercial Real Estate Services has arranged the 10-year lease of a newly renovated industrial property located at 18554 S. Susana Road in Rancho Dominguez, a South Los Angeles County submarket. Industrial Property Trust leased the 104,339-square-foot space to…