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If you arecharged with a crime in California, you may need to know what a plea agreement is, because you may be offered such an agreement. Learn more here.

How far can a little one really go?
Well, one determined Minnesota 2-year-old got himself all the way down to the county fair, according to the Chisago County Sheriff's Office.
The sheriff's office received a call Friday night about a missing toddler, according to a Facebook post from the office.

Jason Sugarman, a minority owner of the popular Los Angeles Football Club and son-in-law of Hollywood mogul Peter Guber, has been accused of participating in an elaborate scheme that defrauded investors in tribal bonds of some $43 million,

San Diego police say a fatal shooting at a home this week involved a violent confrontation with an intruder.
Officers responding to a 911 call early Tuesday found a 54-year-old homeowner on the floor with stab wounds and the intruder with a gunshot wound in a backyard pool.
Paramedics took the homeowner to a hospital where he was in stable condition.

Five Los Angeles students received funds, laptops and books during the 10th Council District Women’s Steering Committee’s 34th Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon.

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San Fernando Valley homes sold for record high prices in June. The median price of single family homes was $722,000 -- nearly $15,000 higher than the previous record of $708,000 set last year.

An investigation is underway Saturday after a woman was found dead off a popular trail in Altadena, officials said.
The body was discovered Friday evening inside a tent off a trail at the Cobb Estate, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The agency said homicide detectives are investigating the death, the cause of which is still unknown.

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Heat becomes dangerous if it lingers for a number of consecutive days, said a lead forecaster at the Weather Prediction Center.

Anticipation for Quentin Tarantino’s latest has reached a fever-pitch in L.A. thanks to its star power (Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie), its subject matter (the obsession with Charles Manson and his murderous “family” is as enduring as it is eerie and weird), and locales (the director and his crews were seen all over …

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested Friday evening after a newborn baby died from strangulation shortly after being born.

If you don’t “love Connie” after seeing the androgynous artist and performer in action at the Cavern Club, we don’t want to know you. Connie is dance. Connie is comedy. Connie is love. Connie is life! The vivacious character created by John Cantwell (formerly of the improv group The Nellie Olesons) worked it out for …

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” may be one of the most famous quotes of all time, and though Neil Armstrong later insisted he was speaking more personally — he said for “a man” — there is no denying that his historic walk on the moon made for excitement shared by …

Using X (experience) and O (operations) data, businesses can connect people's experiences with organizational outcomes to ensure that their employees avoid b...

Finding herself homeless and miles away from her daughter, Cleo Childress discovered abundance through yoga.

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Trump attributed statements to both AOC and Omar that they never said as his making up fake quotes to smear two Democratic congresswomen.

Conceived in the ash-strewn aftermath of 2018’s incendiary ‘PVRTD’ project , ‘Once Upon A Watercolor’ is a project marking off a multitude of firsts. First among them is a foray into watercolor painting. Second is the unlikely targeted audience of children. Third is the use of a formal rhyming scheme. Taken together, they form one of the only family-friendly projects Alan Ilagan has ever created, and…

It's already well established for some items - think tuxedos - so why not extend it?

A key plank of the 2015 nuclear accord let Iran keep a limited civilian nuclear program. Scrapping it could trigger the final collapse of the JCPOA deal.

The Post has reported extensively on the opioid crisis' key figures: manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, doctors and the DEA itself.

The foreign secretary expresses his "extreme disappointment" in a call to his Iranian counterpart.