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But let's get this out of the way: These goats can't set webs to catch their prey, they don't possess super-strength, and they aren't tottering around the

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It has been reported that for the first time since Q2 2016, banking Trojans have displaced ransomware as the top malware in email, accounting for almost 59% of all malicious email payloads in Q1. Emotet was the most widely distributed banking Trojan, accounting for 57% of all bankers and 33% of all malicious payloads. Gerhard …

New research shows two very different outcomes for the continent based on our actions.

Is demanding a cash bond from a criminal defendant a violation of that defendant’s rights? Learn why cash bonds are increasingly under criticism and soon may be eliminated.

PrestaShop 1.7.4 is now ready for translation and validation! So it is time for us to translate, spot mistakes, validate and perhaps reorganize domains (if needed) to get an accurate and clean translation catalog for the release.

IBM's Project Debater has shown off its talents in public for the first time.

Monica Ruiz grew up the daughter of immigrant farmworkers in the Central Valley. Despite their hard work under grueling conditions, her parents struggled to make ends meet with the low wages they were paid. Monica joined her parents in the fields as a teenager and could have continued on a similar path. Instead, she found a union job in the Stockton public schools that paid a living wage and provided good benefits like health insurance and a pension. Monica’s story holds true for…

June 11 - August 3*
Monday - Friday, 12 pm - 1 pm
Come and enjoy a nutritious meal at a participating LA County Library location. Free lunch is provided for those 18 years and younger. No restrictions on family income. First come, first served, while supplies last
While you’re there, sign up for our Summer Discover Program and sign up for a library card.
Summer Lunch at the Library is a partnership between the LA County Library and the County of Los…

Automotive recalls are steadily on the rise, and federal statistics estimate that about 30 percent of them go without being repaired. Recalls such as the widespread Takata airbag recall regularly make the news, and automotive website Jalopnik

Orrick announced today that Amy Ray, who has advised in some of the most high-profile antitrust matters of the past decade, has joined the firm as a partner.

Vulture provides continuous entertainment news, covering TV, movies, music, art, books, theater, celebrities and the entertainment industry.

Grant Proposal Writing Training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Grantsmanship Training Program® July 30 - August 3, 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 30 - August 3, 2018

A new research report indicates the VPNFilter has a longer reach than first thought, and simply rebooting your router is not enough.

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88 percent of IT professionals acknowledge the importance of endpoint management, yet 30 percent don’t know how many they have LogMeIn today released findings of a new global report, “Uncovering the Harsh Realities of Endpoint Management: Bridging the gaps in multi-device security” revealing current market trends and business threats driving the need for IT professionals …

It's designed to perform surgery on the retina, the surface at the back of the eyeball.

L.A. County supervisor says the board stands by its letter approved Tuesday denouncing family separation and maintains its call for county agencies to aid families.

Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht – BVerfG) has overturned the controversial case law of the Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG) on fixed-term contracts. The controversial judgment handed down by the BAG in 2011 with regard to what is known as the "prohibition of subsequent contracts" exceeds the limits of what is permitted under the…

“Nothing in the world is more exciting than a moment of sudden discovery or invention, and many more people are capable of experiencing such moments than is sometimes thought.”

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA
Test scores are not created equal
It is easy to understand how grades might be an ineffective method of measuring a student’s merit. There are too many variables that go into the assignment of grades, not least of which are the biases (racial, economic, or otherwise) that any particular teacher may have for or against any particular student. SAT scores…

Being in charge of a business during a scandal that misled consumers, spewed pollutants into the atmosphere and helped incinerate billions of your parent company's capital might get you sacked at many places. At Volkswagen AG, it gets you promoted.

With the school spring semesters coming to a close and the new season of summer opening, we have two college student interns joining our team for the summer. Please help us in welcoming Jenny and Brittany to the 24th ST Family! Here is a short Q&A we conducted so that you can learn more abo

About 3,000 people in Sweden have inserted a rice grain-sized microchip under their skin so that they don't need to carry key cards, IDs, and even train tickets.

The mixed ruling grapples with binding circuit court guidance and reaches quite different conclusions regarding various allegations of prohibited transactions and fiduciary breaches.

If you give companies a way to make more money by making it clear that we only buy products that have been tested, approved and include security maintenance plans, those companies will rise to the occasion and work hard to get your business.

A college buddy you haven’t heard from in years gives you a call to see if you want to do lunch. Heck yeah you would! Awesome that he thought to reach out to you. So you meet your buddy at a burger joint. You reminisce about old times and play catch-up. You’re having a real …

Cuts to red tape and fees. Flexible corporate management. No regulations on dummy companies. (Also available in Italian)