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Reihan Salam’s book Melting Pot or Civil War? seeks to answer this question — and offers a plan for a sustainable 21st-century immigration policy.

It takes a solid strategy, self-discipline and patience to reshape public perception.

New series, new officer, new filming dates. “The Rookie” is currently in town, Los Angeles!

It's not quite as good as its Black Friday price, but it's still a decent discount.

Your social media should reflect the fact that you are an actor, performing for an audience.

A California lawmaker arrested on suspicion of child cruelty said Wednesday the allegation stemmed from spanking his 7-year-old daughter.
Democratic Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula said he spanked his daughter Sunday night and it's a punishment tool he rarely uses, the Fresno Bee newspaper reported . He said he has no plans to resign.

The Los Angeles Times’ former publisher and editor, Davan Maharaj, reportedly received a $2.5-million settlement following his exit from Tribune Publishing Co. after revealing to a mediator he had recorded anti-Semitic comments allegedly made by the company’s largest shareholder, Michael Ferro.

Cities in Florida, Texas and Mississippi are among the new locations getting the ultra-high-speed broadband service.

Los Angeles has come up with a new way to get people living in RVs and cars off the streets.

The sophisticated campaign has targeted dozens of companies, most of which are based in the US.

An enthralling ant beats the mantis shrimp to the punch with the fastest animal appendage known to science.

It's auteurs galore for the new year, with plenty of beloved classics to get you through Oscar season.

Neither Elon Musk's company nor Blue Origin have done it just yet, and it's a long time coming for Richard Branson's space tourism venture.

Rachel Morrison, the first woman to ever ben nominated for a cinematography Oscar, explains how shooting one of the biggest movies of the year wasn’t so different from the indies she’s worked on.

A state board is expected to vote Wednesday on a contentious proposal to boost water flows through a Central California river, a move that would increase habitat for salmon but deliver less water to farmers and cities such as San Francisco.
The plan under consideration by the Water Resources Control Board would alter management of the Lower San Joaquin River and three tributaries to address what environmental groups say is a crisis in the delta that empties into San Francisco Bay.

No longer just underwater assassins, the drones now disperse hundreds of thousands of coral babies throughout the reef.

Retired Appeals Court Judge William Newsom, a relic of San Francisco’s Catholic-school old guard and the father of Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom, died Wednesday morning in his home in Pacific Heights. He was 84. His death was confirmed by Nathan Click, spokesperson for Gavin Newsom. The cause of death was not given, but the elder Newsom had suffered from chronic illness for several years. In his honor, flags at the state Capitol were ordered to be flown at half staff by Newsom’s old friend…

The father of California Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom, retired Justice William Alfred Newsom III, has died at age 84.

As a winter storm raged outside, this college student battled her own storm of feeling unworthy, unloved, and sick. But a single call to a Christian Science practitioner stopped the internal storm and allowed the light of healing to break through.

Introducing Miles Morales to the big screen entailed creating a moving comic book visual style that broke Sony's pipeline.

Turn It On podcast: The SAG and Golden Globe nominee also marvels at how he's been trying to either kill or have sex with Ben Whishaw on camera.

Rachel Maddow took apart Vice President Mike Pence's lies about Mike Flynn and showed why the VP is facing his own Russia problems. Maddow said: The person whose role in all of this is perhaps most implausible

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