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China's 2018 economic growth fell to a three-decade low, adding to pressure on Beijing to settle a tariff war with Washington.
The world's second-largest economy expanded by 6.6 percent over a year earlier, down from 2017's 6.9 percent, official data showed Monday. Growth in the three months ending in December dipped to 6.4 percent — the lowest quarterly level since the 2008 global crisis — from the previous quarter's 6.5 percent.

Invest in the right music startup, and you're a billionaire.  Make the wrong bet, and you're out of $5 million (or in court for five years). But that's true for any investment risk involving new ideas and sectors.  So why are investors still gun-shy around music startups and concepts? I assembled three experts in Hamburg, Germany to help me answer this very topic.  One recently sold his music distribution to Sony Music and is currently the president of a soccer club in Hamburg…

If the January blues hadn't already got to you... the world's cutest dog, Boo, has died of a broken heart.
The Pomeranian Boo and his companion Buddy, who died last year, became internet sensations when their American owners started sharing pictures of their adorable antics.
His death was confirmed in a post made by his owners to his 16 million Facebook followers. He was 12 years old, in human years.

It's not every year that a super blood wolf moon happens, so be sure to look up this weekend for one of the first skywatching events of 2019.
Most of the world will be able to catch a glimpse of this rare event, including Southern California. The Griffith Observatory said it will start streaming the event just before the moon rises at the facility at around 5:10 p.m. Pacific.

Tom Brady Nude (For Real)
Despite what we might feel about invasion of privacy, here is Tom Brady doing some naked sunbathing . If this is how Mr. Brady prepares for a new season (even if he is on a little break), I should have been born a football player. Anyway, we are headed into the pigskin season, and based on this peek at a naked Tom Brady , I say Go Pats!

And in a day, it's already two-thirds of the way to its fundraising goal of $75,000.

Hunk of the Day: Harry Shum Jr
His shirtless form teased the promise of this Hunk of the Day post, and now Harry Shum Jr. earns the honor in official fashion. Dub-stepping into the spotlight on ‘Glee’ ( where so many HODs earned their hunky mettle ), he showcased his dancing skills and gave some badly-needed Asian-representation to Fox’s prime time line-up. Somehow I missed his appearance in ‘ Crazy Rich Asians ‘ so I need to revisit that fun film as soon…

"Community Actions" will start rolling out to users in the US on Monday.

The risks faced by starting a new life in a foreign country are strikingly similar to the risks faced when starting a new business.

Aaron Sorkin told democrats like AOC to stop acting like "young people", so she went on a Donkey Kong livestream and talked about Pokemon Snap and why the N64 is the best console.

Using your Nest Protect manually is a bummer. Here's how to get it working with the app again.

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Dr. Hildy’s YOU YOU and ME ME – YouTube CHARLES BERLINER (2014) BIOGRAPHY – August, 2012 =========== I Want Much More Than A Dinosaur A Children’s book by Charles…

Total grosses for the holiday didn't impress, but "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" soared — as did the theaters smart enough to book it.

Zac Efron: Shirtlessly Gratuitous
It’s been a while since we last featured some shirtless Zac Efron shots here , and what time better than this snowy present to gift his fans with a few more ? Looking back through the archives, Mr. Efron really does deserve his own category (a la David Beckham , Tom Ford , Madonna , Tom Daley , Ben Cohen and the equally-scintillating like – such as ‘ Gratuitous Nudity ‘). That may happen if he ever does a…

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