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Nearly 50 people have overdosed in New York City from synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, in five separate locations since Friday, police say.

Training is available for emergency room nurses who care for rape victims, but few have completed it. State lawmakers are turning up the heat.

The units will likely grow in demand over the next few years as more buyers look for urban, walkable villages, says the builder association’s chief economist.

The Hollywood Reporter building—once threatened with demolition—is now incorporated into the project.

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Addiction is a multifaceted issue and there is no one simple cause. Over time, drug use changes the brain, especially in the reward and pleasure centers. This signals pain relief and pleasurable feelings
Generally, there are a combination of genetic and environmental factors that increase the chances of developing addiction. These may include family…

About the Exhibit
Through a series of evocative still lifes, light installations and videos, the artist recalls her childhood memories lived in the era between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s in a sunny Italian season, dazed from images from TV advertisements of ice cream and sodas. Italy was still unaware of the approaching dark years of Berlusconism, in which American magnetism, shaking booties and the cult of money would sabotage…

This collection of Tosh.0 episodes features the dumbest, most action-packed stunts people on the internet have to offer, brought to you by "Action Point."

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One of the biggest problems technology will face over the next decade will be how to remove bias and instill equality and inclusivity within AI systems. A group of human rights and technology groups in Toronto are trying to...

Josh Cook tells us how George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical became an outstanding company for business ethics in Arizona.

We're loving the relaxed, resort vibe that woven, wicker, and raffia accessories add to an outfit. From straw hats to braided bags and even raffia slides and mules, this trend is only growing. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to style woven accessories with your summer wardrobe!

Andorra is one of Europe's hidden gems. Travel to Andorra using these travel tips and resources to unlock the beauty behind this European secret.

Chris MacFarland, CEO of Masergy, helps some of the world’s largest organizations migrate and protect their data in the cloud.

DEFENDANT NAME: University of Southern California, Board of Trustees of the University of Southern California, George Tyndall, M.D
USC failed to protect its students.
According to recent investigations, Dr. George Tyndall, the full-time gynecologist at the University of Southern California's student health clinic sexually harassed, violated and engaged in wildly inappropriate behavior with female students who sought his medical…

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The constant stream of IoT data must be collected, measured, and acted upon in real time. General-purpose databases can’t handle all of that, but the InfluxData Platform can.

The University of Southern California was hit with multiple lawsuits on Monday — claiming it failed to address complaints about a campus gynecologist who was allegedly preying on female students &#…

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Rice University researchers created a deep learning, software coding application called BAYOU that can help human programmers work with APIs.

Move over lob, there’s a new ‘do in town and it epitomizes the effortless style women want.

Foreign Ministry calls appeal 'absurd,' 'cynical'; says ICC has no jurisdiction because Israel isn't a member

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Credit card networks are making the switch that merchants and customers alike have wanted to see for years: eliminating the signature requirement from in-person retail checkout. Signatures are no longer the best way to prove someone’s identity, or protect against fraud. Not to mention, they’re a hassle for the customer signing, as well as customers waiting in line to pay
As of April 2018, all major…

A Truly Royal Recap
Who knew the world needed a royal wedding to remind us of all the happiness that’s still out there? I suppose when you think about the happiness and love between a Prince of Wales and a biracial American woman, that’s more powerful and unifying than anything either of the leaders of our respective nations can currently muster. Love will conquer all, even the darkest news we’ve had of late. Besides, we could always use another reason to don a…

Pras sits with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN and talks the most legendary hip-hop group, the Fugees success, producing a documentary about Skid Row, and more. Watch RE...

American Idol, back again for the first time on ABC, has crowned the first winner of its new era. America has spoken, and we chose Maddie Poppe. It's the correct choice; Maddie was the most complete performer throughout the competition. She tried to perform her Idol song "Going, Going, Gone" through her tears of ...

A busy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with stress. And while stress is known to cause anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and exhaustion, among other

There will be questions about suspensions, favouritism and rivalries, and fashion, parties and candy lines. There will be accusations of slights -- real or imagined -- greeted either with a giggle, an icy stare or a pitch-perfect, withering put down. It can only mean one thing -- Maria Sharapova is about to play in a Grand Slam event. But not just any Grand Slam. This is the French Open where she has won two of her five career majors but where, 12 months…

2012 is the 101st year since the birth of the former National Chair of the Communist Party, Henry Winston. The article below is taken from Winston's 1973 book, Strategy for a Black Agenda.

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