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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection announced Monday night a firefighter died while fighting the Mendocino Complex Fire and did not release any information about the firefighter but said on Tuesday a "fact-finding on the accident" was underway, according to National Public Radio. A total of six firefighters have died fighting fires in the northern half of California this summer so far, three died while battling the Carr Fire and two more died fighting the Ferguson Fire

British counter-terrorism police carried out searches at three locations in central England on Tuesday night as part of their investigation into a vehicle attack where a car injured three people before slamming into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in downtown London, according to The Associated Press. Police said the suspect is a 29-year-old U.K. national who was being questioned at a south London police station after being arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act. Officials

DJ Omar Khan (K&B Imaging Director), Dave The King of Mexico (K&B Producer) and Jonathan "Beer Mug" Kantrow (K&B Man on the Street) give you an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at The Kevin & Bean Morning Show. It’s a must-listen for all Kevin & Bean fans!

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is the first gymnastics center in Los Angeles! Established in 1975, the school has served over 1,000,000 families with quali...

Use the enhanced My Library Account (which offers an ezlogin option) to renew books, make fine payments, check hold status and suspend holds, save searches, save lists, and even provide others with an rss feed of your saved lists
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Los Angeles County is poised to become a world leader in bioscience development and commercialization, commensurate with its role in research and talent development.

On Tuesday, August 14, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote on a motion that, if passed, would trigger the creation of an ambitious new “road map” to help LA County keep more of its mentally ill population out of lock-up. The hoped for plan would also examine which inmates now in jail could be diverted, and what kind of help is needed to keep those who do wind up in the justice system from repeatedly returning when they get out…

A mysterious sphinx has been discovered during roadwork in the Egyptian city of Luxor, Fox News reports. Mohamed Abdel Aziz, director general of Luxor Antiquities, announced the find Sunday, according to Egypt Today. The sphinx was found at the site of a road connecting Luxor Temple and the Temple of Karnak, two vast ancient temple complexes on the east side of the Nile. Archaeologists are now working to carefully lift the mysterious statue, Egypt Today reports. Officials say that, because of

Researchers said Earth is likely to see a continuation in extreme temperatures over the next four years until 2022 as natural warming coincides with the effects of climate change, according to The Guardian. The report published this week in the journal Nature Communications said there would be minimal relief for the planet through the next four years during a summer marked by global wildfires and heatwaves. An increase in greenhouse gas emissions was helping the temperatures rise, but humans

The Netflix makeover series is nominated for four Emmy awards in the structured reality program, casting, cinematography, and picture editing categories.

The next time you spot those shining mounds of Bing, Rainier or yellow cherries at the farmers market, snap up a few pounds and try these five cherry recipes that go way beyond pie.

Putting select below-the-line crafts on the chopping block will cheapen the prestige of the Oscars and marginalize the crafts, according to some members, who are engaged in lively debate.

Located in Houston’s vibrant Montrose District, The Printing Museum is dedicated to promoting, preserving, and sharing print history, communication, and art.

Blockchain has had a lot of hype around it for a few years but is still poorly understood. Here we try to explain the fundamentals of the tech to newbies.

The late singer was to have filmed new scenes for the TV series, but instead appears in archive footage in a dream sequence

In response to Kaspersky research finding that the fileless PowerGhost cryptomining malware is targeting corporate networks is moredifficult to detect than other miners because it doesn’t download malicious files to the device and so is likely to operate longer unnoticed, an expert with Corero Network Security offers comments. Sean Newman, Director Product Management at Corero Network Security: “The …

Sweet tea is as famous in the South as “southern hospitality.” When you think of this drink, you can’t help but conjure images of lazy summer afternoons on a local patio. But it’s not just a great drink! In fact, sweet tea also has some really amazing health benefits. The best southern sweet tea is...Read More

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — An Ethiopian official says a notorious special police force in the country’s Somali region killed 41 people and wounded 20 others as ethnic violence poses a

Web development today is completely different from what it was a few years ago; there are lots of different things that can easily baffle…

Officials said at least 24 people were killed and another 19 injured after a bus slid into another vehicle while driving at high speed on a highway known as dead man's curve in Ecuador on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press. The bus was traveling to Quito when it struck a smaller vehicle at around 3 a.m. on a highway just outside the Ecuadorean capital. Col. Wilson Pavon, head of Ecuador's transit police, said most of the passengers on the bus were Colombians…

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Adventure doesn’t have to be accompanied by big fanfare. Whether you’re planning a cross country road trip or backpacking abroad, it’s important to keep an eye on your expenses.

Sika brings innovations to its customers to enable new car concepts and improve the car performance. Take for example SikaPower adhesives: They literally hol...

Here's a selection of our favorite Los Angeles-based NGOs that are looking for volunteers—check out this list if you feel like giving back to the community:

As the sheer number of connected devices continues to rise, securing these devices, and becoming “crypto agile” is a key component of an organization’s effort to become more agile. Read on to discover how to improve your organization’s cyrpto-agility.

Audrey Larson, a 14-year-old inventor from Connecticut, has designed a foldable bulletproof wall to protect students during school shootings.

Political hacking is a real and present danger, but more advanced detection and response capabilities will help defend our democratic institutions better than what is current practice.

Art of Tea showcases the best teas to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding sugar. Discover these sweet teas from our tea experts and order online today!

After 45 years in the profession, Loraine Roblin retired from nursing on June 29, but not before being honored as this year’s recipient of Chesapeake Regional Healthcare’s Nurse Exemplar Award.