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Phthalates were banned from toys years ago, yet are still found in toxic amounts in foods, especially Mac & Cheese products (even organic). Based upon a staggering amount of data, scientists agree that phthalates are on the list of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that they are most concerned about.

At 88 years old, aging expert and retired Stanford University professor Walter Bortz is personally experiencing some of the health trials he's spent a career studying and writing about.

Failed clinical trials in glioblastoma are hampering the path toward novel treatment regimens in this difficult-to-treat malignancy and old approaches to clinical trial design are reducing the appetite for involvement, according to Erik P. Sulman, MD, PhD.

An elderly woman was ran over by a purse thief in Florida and it was caught on camera. The man stole the woman's purse as she was sitting inside a restaurant.

Most UK and global consumers are willing to walk away from businesses that fail to look after personal data, with retailers most at risk, research shows.

Veneers are a great way to transform your smile and enjoy confidence that’s been hiding

Ralf Sydekum, Technical Manager, F5 Networks, discusses whether artificial intelligence can be empathetic to all the needs of patient care. Healthcare related Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing fast and advances in critical diagnosis have revolutionised patient care. However, there is still a clear dividing line between automating manual tasks and mediating relationships between the medical …

I remember telling myself over and over that we had our own story, our own journey, and that was okay. Removing that comparison aspect from my life helped me in more ways than I will ever know.

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush left an appalling record and legacy on AIDS and gay rights. He died the day before World AIDS Day.

Adam Laub, Senior Vice President at STEALTHbits Technologies, points out the lessons to be learned from the recent Dunkin’ Donuts data breach. Adam Laub, Senior Vice President at STEALTHbits Technologies: “While unfortunate, the recent incident at Dunkin’ Donuts is an incredible opportunity to educate the masses in a way that may actually make a difference in the …

As the medical world transitioned to electronic health records, Stanford clinicians stepped up to trouble-shoot. Now they're innovating patient care.

Shopping for a toothbrush? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our toothbrush buying guide to make an informed choice.

By consolidating vulnerability management tools and adding AI, risk-based vulnerability management protects the entire attack surface.

The holiday season isn't just busy for shoppers--it's busy for cybercriminals, too. Here's a holiday shopping safety guide with advice on how to stay safe online.

In a new study, two people could grab and drop objects with the robotic arm, just by trying to control their missing limbs.

In teenagers and young adults, receiving opioids from dental providers is linked with elevated risk for continued opioid use and abuse, a Stanford study has found.

Top network transport factors include high packet loss, high latency, high jitter, network path changes, Wi-Fi system performance, and insufficient network bandwidth.

So…you’re finally ready to brighten your teeth. Do you turn to a cosmetic dentist in

One in 48 Black women in the United States will contract HIV in her lifetime. But knowledge of—and access to—the pill that can prevent infection remains a problem.