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Here's a great bath tea recipe that makes a beautiful gift too! I include suggestions for herbs, along with their different properties. Hope you like it!

A new survey by Pew Research Center reveals that 6 out of 10 (62 percent) of Americans now report support legalizing adult cannabis use in the United States. While that number only increased one percent over the last year, support of cannabis legalization has literally doubled over the past couple decades. With that level of growth, it makes total statistical sense that some of those cannabis…

Radhika Jones has declined most interview requests until now, but she has stirred new interest in the magazine through her cover choices and other changes.

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If you're a fan of YA novels, Lilliam Rivera is definitely someone you want to keep in your cue of favorite authors. The Bronx, New York-born author is known widely for her first novel The Education of Margot Sanchez, and her second, Dealing in…

Snow White relaxes Joshua Lee and slows him down, but with little headiness, leading to a pleasant body high to fight minor aches and pains, then Strawberry Fields locks him into the couch.

This season Ludo explores dishes based on his 23andMe ancestry results. Is he 100% French or could his DNA results show something different? First episode la...

“It's the perfect medium,” artist, musician and educator Lawrence Lindell said over the phone from Oakland, Calif., where he had just returned home after participating in Maryland's Small Press Expo. “There's a wide range of what you can do with zines, you can experiment without too much pressure.” And Lindell himself has used the medium for many years to explore topics that relate to identity, mental health, accessibility and representation—primarily through his comics.

Every spring and fall, small migratory birds, called Vaux’s Swifts, pass through Los Angeles on their way to breed in the north or to spend winters in the south. For many years, these birds have used old chimneys in Downtown Los Angeles as resting locations as they journey for thousands of miles.

America's best chefs embark on a 10-city dining extravaganza that will makes diners' mouths water.

“Our new Play Make Her fund is focused on empowering women as game changers in the sports industry—an important entertainment lane that we are cultivating,”says EIF President and CEO Nicole Sexton

President says ‘we reject globalism and embrace the doctrine of patriotism’ but laughter breaks out when Trump boasts of achievements

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Wilson Bauer, 34, is an accomplished Chicago chef and a father of two young boys. But police say he may be in a depressed state and they need the public’s help in trying to find him.

Well it's come to this. We're finally at a point where San Francisco burgers are so expensive in that we need a list of the few that are actually $10 or below.