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Dan Reardon is returning to Ursuline as the head football coach after four season at Canton McKinley.

Lies surround Trump’s business in Russia; an explosion in Colombia’s capital.

Antarctica, which contains the South Pole, is a large land mass (5,400,000 square miles) located in the Southern Hemisphere. It is, " ... on average, the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents," and has a limited amount of animal and vegetative life. It is a place that has evoked rich hypothetical and mythological ideas about its origins…

Designer Jewelry By Kim Phuoc Jewelry.
Exclusive one-of-a-kind diamond ring design.
34 round side diamonds total 0.30 carat weight, VS clarity, F color
1 round center diamond 0.80 carat weight, measured 6.0mm, E color, VVS1 clarity.

Here at the W Bar, we don't really need an excuse to indulge in Champagne. We'd drink it all day long if we could. But, it just so happens that we do have a couple of holidays coming up...the Year of the Pig is upon us, as well as Valentines Day. And what better way to celebrate than with a walk-around Champagne tasting
Some of the very best Champagne brand ambassadors in town will be in the house to pour you an amazing…

“Music and art always held the role of strengthening people, and since we never had created a song before we felt like it was time to try something new and unexpected,” Papel & Caneta spokesper…

As much as audiences love to see originality and risky projects from influential storytellers at the multiplex, they also turn out in droves for sequels. Always have, probably always will. When...

$160 billion worth of produce in the US gets tossed every year. Misfits Markets wants you to eat ugly produce instead.

We might be better off funding scientific research by choosing projects at random. Here’s why.

Trump’s attorney general nominee said that a president can’t tell a witness to lie under oath. A BuzzFeed report says Trump did just that.