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It’s been at least three consecutive weeks of hearing about mental mistakes and missed assignments from Youngstown State football coach Bo Pelini and his players.

It took 25 attempts, but the Southern Indians can finally say they beat the Columbiana Clippers.

Warren Harding stayed calm and trusted Kay’Ron Adams in its win over East.

Atty. Marc Dann argued in a court document Blue Line Solution’s claim it doesn’t issue citations to speeding drivers is invalid because court documents show BLS cashes checks from drivers and provides customer service regarding the citations.

Four Campbell police officers were hospitalized Friday after coming into contact with a white, powdery substance.

Behind the scenes at the opening of Monterey Park's Guitar Center at the Market Place Shopping Center. 3000 Market Place Drive, Monterey Park, CA‎.

The DOJ brings the first criminal case over alleged Russian interference in the midterms; at least 61 people die after a train runs into a crowd in India.

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Can't join your fellow data-loving rockstars at Tableau Conference in New Orleans this year? Not to worry. Tableau Conference keynotes and a curated list of sessions will be live streamed for free, so you can be a part of the action from the comfort of your home or office. Read more at

The Master Plan and The Campaign to ReBuild Barlow For more than a century, Barlow Respiratory Hospital has specialized in caring exclusively for patients...

The Sears catalog brought city goods to the country. It also unintentionally combatted white supremacy.

The move by emboldened Republicans on the eve of a new Congress would strip power and independence from an investigative body and give lawmakers control over ethics inquiries.

Meet David Robbins, the new President of Cru’s Family Life Ministry. Did you know Family Life started as a singles ministry? I learn that at 17:20. We also discuss Family Life’s response to the evolving definition of family (21:40) how Family Life can minister to singles (27:15) the planned release of the multi-media Art of Parenting Resource (39:47) and what makes the TV series This is Us so popular (43:40)

ATLANTA—One of Mary Anne Castranio’s biggest joys came only after facing her fears. Castranio hated to fly but still boarded an airplane for a life-altering trip in June 1998. Then in her early 40s, she traveled to China to be united with her daughter, Amy, whom she adopted. Marking the 20th anniversary of the adoption … Full Story

Andy Avalos explains what the latest winter outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration means for Chicago.

Find out how disasters like Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael affect the blood supply for patients in need. Make an appt. to give blood today.

The studios "are all bad, but Paramount is the worst" in promoting greater Latinx inclusivity in front of and behind the camera, said one leader.