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Bumblebee is anchoring the first Transformers spinoff film later this year, but the future beyond that is unclear. But the next logical character to get his own movie would be Optimus Prime.

Don’t settle for inflated vlogger prices; use three tips to keep prices under control. A vlogger is a person that records video blogs. On YouTube, certain vloggers get millions of hits per video, a…

The third qualifier for the Greatest Golfer of the Valley junior series tees off Tuesday at 1 p.m.

This is the week when it happens: the unseen blooming of the linden trees. They are everywhere in downtown Albany, but their blossoms are subtle and go largely unnoticed. It took me several years to figure out that the sweet perfume that carried over the streets at this time of the year actually belonged to these trees, so insignificant were their blooms (which are lime green and similar to a maple tree’s flowers, if you’ve ever noticed those). What does make an impact…

It’s a sentence I use often when conversing with co-workers and acquaintances
“We had some drinks and then saw a movie,” I will follow. Then comes a story about the drinks portion of the evening. A funny story. Perhaps a charming anecdote. At one of our recent film excursions Alan made a joke a few moments into the feature. As a goofy but harmless teacher stood on the screen greeting the students in his school, Alan looked at me and said, “It’s Mr.…

Summer Session + Family Dance Party
Dear Friends and Family
Summer Session classes start tomorrow! Don't forget to register! Two short 4 week sessions for $68/session. All classes at the same times .
Spring Session classes (Bollywood, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, and Hip Hop) are all invited to demo their classes at the dance party starting at 5:30pm! Ask your teachers this week…