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Children with autism have structural and functional abnormalities in the brain circuit that normally makes social interaction feel rewarding.

Like us on FacebookScientists that were searching for a far-away planet orbiting the edge of our solar system were surprised to find 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter. The new moons, some of which only measure a mile across, were a surprise discovery for the group. Planetary scientist Doug Hemingway of the University of California, Berkeley, stated: “This …

Our mission is to achieve health care equity and promote well-being for the LGBT community and people living with and affected by HIV.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall for several drugs used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure due to the risk of cancer.

Say cheese!
That's the most widely used confirmation call used by people to inform a camera operator that they are ready to have their picture taken. I ...

John Ioannidis recommends a change to the standards of nutrition research studies, suggesting that, as they stand, the results are fairly unreliable.

This won’t be the last conversation a couple will have about hard issues neither can control.

This Stars of Stanford Medicine Q&A features Andrew Chang, clinical instructor of medicine, who is working to improve cardiovascular health globally.

You may be surprised to learn that your marketing department can teach your fraud prevention team a lot about card not present fraud. Not only are the two departments working in tandem to reach the same goals, but the marketing department has a lot of innovative qualities that a fraud management team would be smart to follow. Here are ways they can closely support one another for mutual success.

Did you know people with ADHD are more accident prone? Find out why this and what you can do to reduce ADHD-caused accidents at HealthyPlace.

A new report from Positive Technologies reveals vulnerabilities found most often in web apps.

“Which do you write first, the music or the words?” This is the classic question that all songwriters get asked. In my experience, there’s no easy - or correct - answer to this one. Sometimes it’s the music, sometimes it’s the lyrics, and, often, it’s some mystical, organic combination of the…