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Do you have concerns about your fertility potential? Visit our Los Angeles fertility center to learn more about diagnostic fertility testing.

Stanford Medicine's Big Data in Precision Health conference unites people who create, study and use information from big data to improve health.

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In the third post in the Taking Depression Seriously series, Sophia Xiao and physician Randall Stafford address the treatments available for depression.

Impeding VCAM1, a protein that tethers circulating immune cells to blood vessel walls, enabled old mice to perform as well on memory and learning tests as young mice, a Stanford study found.

Move over cloud and traditional in-house enterprise data center storage, distributed storage based on blockchain may be arriving imminently.

Microsoft Identity Division's corporate vice president of program management Alex Simons sat down with Dan Patterson to discuss the different threats facing the enterprise today.

There are many ways to refer to the parts of our planet where people lack decent health care, education and services like electricity and clean water. And just about every label has its problems.

Maintaining your toothbrush is essential for a healthy and beautiful smile. An old, frayed toothbrush

Overview The Linkage to Care Coordinator will be part of an innovative team that works collaboratively to run the Black AIDS Institute’s (BAI) HIV clinical and programmatic services to serve all Black Angelinos. The Linkage to Care Coordinator is responsible for supporting BAI’s HIV clinical and social support programs through the maintenance of a comprehensive … Read More

05 April 2019
According to early-stage research at Imperial College London, viruses that naturally target and kill bacteria could be re-programmed and used to destroy brain cancer cells
These viruses, called bacteriophages, or ‘phages’ have already been successfully used in humans against bacterial infections such as meningitis, but the Imperial research team led by Dr Amin Hajitou used a genetically modified phage called M13 that could…

LOS ANGELES—The Black AIDS Institute (BAI) has named Bruce Smail as its Deputy Director effective as of April 1. “I have been positive since February 10, 2003. Immediately after diagnosis, I wanted to incorporate HIV/AIDS in my advocacy,” says Smail. “I am very excited to join the Black AIDS Institute family.” He added, “I know … Read More

If you have any questions or concerns about what mouthwash is best for you, contact Dr. Moradzadeh of Crystal Dental Center at 213.748.8448.

A BRAVE little girl with a life-threatening brain tumour has battled back from major surgery and is making huge progress against all the odds.

Here are the facts behind 15 common infertility, fertility treatment, and IVF myths. For example, is infertility only a female problem?

Shopping for a toothbrush? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our toothbrush buying guide to make an informed choice.

Presiding Bishop Blake, speaks on how we can draw near to God. Many have fallen away from Christ. Bishop Blakes message let us know that we can draw near to ...

For Women’s History Month, presents Part II of our series on wonderful, inspirational quotes by women of historic achievement.