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The move, which was finalized several months ago, is one of the first for Curry's burgeoning media career and one of the first to be revealed since the Golden State Warrior point guard officially launched his banner, Unanimous Media, earlier this year.

The online dating service hands the key to its $52 million creative account to the shop.

PierPass's OffPeak program changes are about to go into effect, reducing fees at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for shippers.

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly's wood-chopping message looks awfully similar to another legendary TV run for Congress.

Are you tired of your dog barking, jumping, or licking nonstop? Learn dog behavior training tips and how positive reinforcement makes training techniques last.

Those who have a large taxable gain from the sale of a stock, asset, or business and who would like to defer that gain with the possibility of excluding some of it from taxation should investigate a new investment called a qualified opportunity fund (QOF), which was created as part of the recent tax reform.

An excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita, in the light of Kashmir Shaivism (Chapter 4 verses 36 till end of chapter and summary)

Insurance Claims Law Available now from Barry Zalma, ClaimSchool, and are books and materials essential to the claims professional. COIL provides regular commentary on insurance law to a…

Agent Defrauds Insurer by Not Remitting Premium Collected Insurance agents, by contract with insurers they represent, must place all premium collected on behalf of the insurer and place the funds i…

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Porter, who notes: Pleased to let you know that Woofferton Transmitting Station celebrated 75 years of continuous operation yesterday 17th October 2018.…

Activists in the US are using the freedom of information law to probe the close connection between academics and the biotechnology industry. Investigations by groups like US Right to Know have not revealed any scientific misconduct but point to close ties between some of the big names on both sides.

Michael Reeder's work is a feast for the eyes. With each look, your eyes get greedier and greedier, sucking in the purest colors, bouncing between the sharpest of contrasts, scratching across texture, dodging shadows and settling on the enigmatic figure.

The current outbreak of Ebola in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo does not currently meet the criteria to constitute a public health emergency of international concern, according to the World Health Organization who held a meeting on the crisis on Wednesday. The DRC's Ministry of Health reported 216 cases of Ebola reported, including 139 deaths, 104 are confirmed and 35 deemed probable. "We do have some optimism that this outbreak, just like the one in May,

White House officials said legal counsel Don McGahn has left his position effective Wednesday, after helping President Donald Trump confirm dozens of conservative judges who will remain on the bench for decades to come, according to National Public Radio. The confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh marked the end o McGahn's White House role, but he was also instrumental in confirming 29 appeals court judges and 52 district court judges, along with Kavanaugh and Justice Neil

The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all kindergarten teachers in the country combined. These investors make millions - sometimes billions - of doll...

Vietnam agreed to free the blogger known as "Mother Mushroom" on Wednesday after she was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of defaming the Communist government of Vietnam for her writing and political action, according to The Guardian. The conviction of Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who started blogging in 2006 about human rights violations, pollution, and corruption in Vietnam, ignited a firestorm of criticism from international organizations and Western

US President Donald Trump latest effort to reshape trade policies to support his “America First” agenda will focus over the next several months on three separate trade agreements with Japan, the UK and the EU, BBC News reported Wednesday. The negotiations come on the heels of the U.S. fighting a trade war with China, the world’s largest economy, the report said. "We will continue to expand U.S. trade and investment by negotiating trade agreements with Japan, the EU and the United Kingdom," US

Experience a High Quality Seiko Clock. Build Yourself a Beautiful Quiet Running Desk Clock! Visit: Undecided or Have Questions Call: 8...

At least one person was killed and dozens more were injured after thousands of protesters took over the streets of Haiti's capital on Wednesday in outrage over a growing scandal involving the Venezuelan Petrocaribe oil loan program, according to Reuters. A report released by Haiti's Senate accused former government officials of embezzling funds, forgery, and abuse of power in the Petrocaribe program during the 2008-16 administrations of former Rene Preval and Michel Martelly, though the

We have all seen the headlines that report that buying a home is less affordable today than it was at any other time in the last ten years, and those headlines are accurate. But, have you ever wondered why the headlines don’t say the last 25 years, the last 20 years, or even the last 11 years
The reason is that homes were less affordable 25, 20, or even 11 years ago than they are today.
Obviously, buying a home is more expensive…

Farouh accent chair is right at home with so many aesthetics. The time-honored profile and stunning lattice print represent traditional design at its finest, while the linen-weave upholstery is decidedly relaxed. Best of all, the neutral shade complements color schemes and aesthetics aplenty—especially spaces with a cottage-quaint, farmhouse feel.

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Daily Kos set up a donation page to fund the effort to help Native American voters update their tribal IDs to vote. Democrats' most vulnerable Senate seat up for re-election this year, by far, is Sen. Heidi Heitkamp's seat in North Dakota, who faces a challenge from GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer.

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