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Beijing is trying to kick its habit of using big-ticket stimulus spending on infrastructure, a turning point from a growth model that has left many Chinese cities adorned with empty high-rises and underused highways.

silverlake wine will be re-opening thursday october 25th
during this very fortunate time we will be DOUBLING THE SIZE OF THE STORE
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A newly proposed requirement to disclose drug list prices on-screen during television commercials could add yet another headache for one of Madison Avenue’s most important categories.

There is far too much anger and sorrow on the internet these days. I count myself among those who may not always help the situation, particularly on my Twitter feed in which I do my best to counter all the awfulness and fact-skewing nonsense out there. This blog has largely steered clear of such stuff, unless something really egregious happens. (If certain bigots would stop fucking with marriage equality then everything would be fine.)
Thankfully there are spaces of warmth and safety, places…

George Washington wanted to “set a trap” for the British, but didn’t want to do it at Yorktown. In the end, his foreign allies insisted and he set off on his fateful march.

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We spoke to renters in Denver, Colorado, about the financial barriers to homeownership.

The president’s comments on a Honduran migrant caravan are seen as a strategy to mobilize the GOP base before critical congressional elections.

Fish and other ocean creatures face deadly conditions during a hurricane. The extreme weather can generate massive waves, so most animals — including dolphins, whales, and sharks — swim to calmer seas. But sometimes, hurricanes help animals thrive. Here's what happens underwater during a hurricane.

Investors could pony up $140 billion for shares even though neither firm is profitable.

Voters in four states will decide Nov. 6 whether to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The initiatives have spurred some $20 million in political spending.

Apple has started to dispatch invitations to the media for an event on October 30, one which is expected to involve the launch of new iPad Pro models and potentially refreshed Mac models.

Ted Cruz seemed to want in on the Facebook Live action after seeing how cool it made his opponent Beto O'Rourke look - but he had some technical troubles.

Parents face a daunting task educating teens, tweens and even grade-schoolers on the hazards of sexually explicit photos or videos, but these strategies can help.

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Our as-annual-as-we-can-muster-it Treasure Hunt for the twins was staged a couple of weeks ago

Goldman Sachs is shaking up its leadership in Asia, where a high-profile corruption scandal has dampened an otherwise strong stretch of deal-making.

I first started researching the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal space in mid-20...

DES MOINES, IOWA — If it seems like lottery jackpots are getting larger and larger, it's because they are getting larger and larger. Tuesday night's Mega Millions estimated grand prize has hit a staggering $1.6 billion, continuing a trend of giant jackpots. It ties the largest lottery prize in U.S. history — and is bound to continue growing — and joins five other top 10 drawings in the last three years. Lottery officials changed the odds in recent years to lessen the chance…

A Southern California boatman puts in hours each week to prepare for the U.S. Gondola Nationals.

For most of the last two decades, the share of women participating in the U.S. labor force was in decline. Thanks to a strong economy, that long-running trend shows signs of reversing.

One of nature’s most underrated fruits, the bananas are one of the most popular foods in the world because of their perfect portion size, natural protective wrap and cheap price. But did you know that bananas can provide you with some amazing health benefits? Eating 2 bananas a day can help you control your blood pressure, keep your bowels healthy, lose more weight and protect your eyesight. Bananas contain the natural sugars sucrose and fructose which give them their sweet flavor, but are…

Despite being washed with industrial detergent in high, disinfecting temperatures, hospital sheets still were contaminated with the potentially life-threatening C. difficile bacteria, researchers found. And those sheets spread the bacteria to uncontaminated ones.

Eighteen nations including the U.S. and China agreed to sign up to guidelines governing potentially dangerous encounters by military aircraft, a step toward stabilizing flashpoints but one that leaves enough wiggle room to ignore the new standards when a country wants.

Coastal justice along the California beach and coastal zone is at stake at Hollister Ranch in Santa Barbara County under a proposed class action settlement. This policy report analyzes “the fairness of the Settlement to all concerned,” and whether “the […]

The U.S. military is considering sailing ships through the Strait of Taiwan, sending a message to the Chinese about its right to travel those and any international waters, two U.S. officials said.

Children who suffer from a highly aggressive and deadly type of brain tumor may have new hope when it comes to treatment options.

Faced with insurgent violence and daunting logistical problems, Afghans cast ballots in parliamentary elections seen as a test of the government’s progress toward political stability in a country beset by a 17-year war.