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Business in Chinatown - Los Angeles, CA

In her exhibition we still here, there, Los Angeles–based artist Lauren Halsey (b. 1987, Los Angeles, California) has taken up residence at MOCA Grand Avenue...

A woman was killed and her son critically injured in a traffic accident on Seaview Avenue in Canarsie on June 12.

Bigwigs at Park Slope’s Methodist Hospital gathered at the construction site of its newest, years-in-the-making facility on Wednesday to put their John Hancocks on the structure’s last steel beam before workers installed it into the building’s frame.

United States President Donald Trump attempted to distract from the growing outrage over his administration's new "zero tolerance" immigration policy by accusing European immigrants of "violently" changing the culture in Germany while warning of the same happening in the U.S., according to Reuters. Democrats and some Republicans have come out to condemn the Trump administration's policy which was announced in May by Attorney General Jeff Sessions after more than 2,000 children have been

The United States Supreme Court declined to decide on two challenges concerning partisan gerrymandering, claiming the plaintiffs did not have the proper standing to challenge the maps, according to The New York Times. The court said the plaintiffs from Wisconsin did not have proof they suffered from a type of direct injury which would give them the right to sue so the Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower courts to allow the plaintiffs a second attempt. The second case was…

With yesterday’s win, Brooklyn’s Boys of Summer took claimed their first three-game-series victory over Staten Island since 2014!

The World Health Organization has recognized "gaming disorder" as a mental health condition in the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases, or ICD.

First Lady Chirlane McCray announced a $9.5 million investment toward addressing LGBTQ homelessness in the city.

This is the week when it happens: the unseen blooming of the linden trees. They are everywhere in downtown Albany, but their blossoms are subtle and go largely unnoticed. It took me several years to figure out that the sweet perfume that carried over the streets at this time of the year actually belonged to these trees, so insignificant were their blooms (which are lime green and similar to a maple tree’s flowers, if you’ve ever noticed those). What does make an impact…

Quarrels between men end when a woman throws her headscarf on the ground, according to Turkish tradition. So presidential candidate Meral Aksener is going from town to town collecting these colorful pieces of cloth, known as "yemeni," from her supporters. The 61-year-old is leading what she calls the yemeni revolution to bring an end to the aggression of Turkish politics. If she becomes the one to finally end President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's long reign, she will put the headscarves on display in

More President Donald Trump’s attorney said Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election should itself be the subject of a Justice Department examination. “We want the Mueller probe to be investigated the way the Trump administration has been investigated, and we’d like to see a report with the

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Quoting one of the founders of Latin America’s Liberation Theologies, Leonardo Boff, Isabel was clearly incensed as she sat across the table and said: “The process of liberation always brings profound conflict.” Adding she and other Brazilians still had hope to turn back to the struggle in the face of defeats of the oppressed, she wanted the world to know that Brazil’s most popular president, Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, was still imprisoned. She

Debit card payments have overtaken cash use for the first time, new figures show, as contactless

Germany - Hardliners of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc are poised today to give the German leader an ultimatum to tighten asylum rules or risk pitching the country into a political crisis. ...

BEIJING (AP) — A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves: ___ EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a weekly look at the latest developments in the South China Sea, the location of several territorial conflicts that have raised tensions in the region. ___ POMPEO EXPRESSES CONCERNS U.S. Secretary of State

It’s a sentence I use often when conversing with co-workers and acquaintances
“We had some drinks and then saw a movie,” I will follow. Then comes a story about the drinks portion of the evening. A funny story. Perhaps a charming anecdote. At one of our recent film excursions Alan made a joke a few moments into the feature. As a goofy but harmless teacher stood on the screen greeting the students in his school, Alan looked at me and said, “It’s Mr.…

The Last Bookstore is pleased to present Catana Comics creator Catana Chetwynd and her new book, Little Moments of Love, a sweet collection of comics about the simple, precious, silly, everyday moments that make up a relationship
What began as stray doodles on scraps of paper became an internet sensation when Catana Chetwynd’s boyfriend shared her drawings online. Now, Catana Comics touches millions of readers with…

Billy Hamilton gets a great jump on Francisco Cervelli's line drive to the gap and makes a tremendous diving catch on the warning track

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