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A data scientist is “ … better at software engineering than any statistician”. Learn common coding mistakes to avoid

The City of Vernon is an industrial city of 5.2 square miles located several miles to the southeast of Downtown Los Angeles in Southern California.

Sixty percent of small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) go bankrupt six months after suffering a cyberattack. The risk is simply too great. SMBs need to strengthen their digital security. Uber…Equifax…Yahoo…if you look only at the headlines, you’d probably think that digital attackers target just large... The post Think Your Business Is Too Small to Get Hacked? Wake Up! appeared first on Lastline.

This practice note addresses how to counsel employers to manage the risks that accompany employee social media use. In today’s global business environment, social media plays an integral role in how businesses operate as companies seek to leverage the unparalleled reach and influence of online communities to increase brand awareness, to better understand market perception, and to market products or services. Not only do companies use…

Research by Adrian Zenz, a born-again Christian anthropologist working alone in a German suburb, thrust China and the West into one of their biggest clashes over human rights in decades, after he showed how China built internment camps and surveillance networks and recruited police officers to run them.

A senior security expert at the United Nations warned the risk of nuclear weapons being used was at its highest since World War Two on Tuesday, according to Al Jazeera. Renata Dwan, director of the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), said the “urgent” issue should be taken more seriously around the world. Dawn said all states with nuclear weapons have nuclear modernization programs underway and the issue is also changing due to increased competition between Washington and Beijing.

The effort to create more bridge and emergency housing for homeless individuals in Downtown Los Angeles is moving forward, with the final city approval of one project and the start

While many parents won’t even entertain the idea of allowing their children to be on YouTube, others view the medium as a creative outlet that can teach their kids life skills, such as planning, storytelling and composure.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's health ministry reported another 39 cases of Ebola over the weekend, which raised the outbreak's total to 1,826 on Tuesday, according to The Express. The health ministry also reported another two assaults which targeted Ebola victim burial teams in what has become the second largest Ebola outbreak in history with 1,218 deaths as of this week. World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the DRC's health minister

ICRISAT, Eleven01 and KHETHINEXT have joined hands to use blockchain for increasing productivity and incomes of the small farmers in India.

The Netherlands' minister for migration, Mark Harbers, resigned Tuesday amid a growing scandal for how his ministry reported on crimes committed by asylum-seekers, according to Deutsche Welle. The news broke just before the upcoming European elections and prompted Harber to quit. The ministry placed offenses including sexual assault and murder in the report as "other" which prompted an outcry from Dutch parliament. Harbers presented the report to Dutch parliament and had separate categories for

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The Guardian reported on Tuesday McDonald's in Brazil is facing an investigation by federal labor prosecutors over allegations of racism and sexual harassment. Court documents obtained by the outlet detail how one employee Marcelo was struggling to keep up with orders at a McDonald's branch in Sao Paulo when his boss called him a “damned stupid blackie." When Marcelo objected and said he would pursue legal action over the discrimination, his store manager fired him the next day. But now he and

Artist re-creates, in miniature some grungy western Melbourne landmarks, such as the Olympic Doughnuts van, complete with tiny doughnuts and its dolphin jam dispenser.

Gordon Caplan, the former co-chair of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, pled guilty Tuesday in Boston federal court to paying $75,000 to the mastermind of the "Varsity Blues" nationwide college admissions scheme to have a proctor alter his daughter’s ACT exam answers.

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed legislation ( SB 5526 ) last Monday that will make the Evergreen State the first to test the so-called “public option” for health care insurance sold through the state health benefits exchange.

A new study from researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois and Google said artificial intelligence was found to be better at radiologists when it came to diagnosing lung cancer on Tuesday, according to Since uncovering tumors at an earlier stage makes them easier to treat, the artificial intelligence would play a "huge" role in the future of making cancer diagnoses, but the current software is not yet ready for clinical use. The findings published in the journal Nature

North Korea’s official news agency has weighed in on the 2020 Democratic primary, calling Joe Biden a “snob bereft of elementary quality as a human being” in a comment piece attacking the presidential candidate for his university grades and composure as vice president, The Independent reports. “He is self-praising himself as being the most popular presidential candidate. This is enough to make a cat laugh.” – North Korean news agency KCNA The attacks are odd for an American presidential primary,

The actress who is known for her roles in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and ‘The Help’ is buying a seven-bedroom home on the Upper West Side.

The use of facial recognition software by police, law enforcement and government breaks human rights laws, a landmark court case has heard, The Independent reported Tuesday. In the first legal challenge of its kind on this technology, Ed Bridges believes he was scanned by cameras used by South Wales Police at a peaceful anti-arms trade protest in 2018 while doing his Christmas shopping in Cardiff months before, the report said. The newspaper reported police started using the technology “without

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
by Madame Geiger
There are, of course, infinite ways to explore the wonderful cosmos that is Los Angeles. From food tours to architectural journeys to those legendary “Maps of the (Movie and TV) Stars,” people have been charting their courses through our sprawling jewel of a town following the most varied interests, landmarks and stories. You could also, to paraphrase the great bohemian and jazzman Chet Baker, “get lost,” letting your feet (or your wheels, more likely)…

An arraignment hearing is a legal proceeding in which a judge reads the criminal charges against an accused person. Unless the defense attorney waives the reading, the first thing the judge does at an arraignment is let the defendant know exactly what the charges are against him. An arraignment is not a trial, and no ...

JACKSON, Miss. — In a $3.3 million verdict filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi on May 16, a jury found that a Jackson nightclub was liable for race discrimination against five black dancers (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Danny’s Restaurant, LLC, et al., No. 16-769, S.D. Miss.).

Designer labels have long ignored anyone outside the standard 0-12 size range. As the radical idea of “inclusive sizing” takes hold, however, even upscale brands are extending the limits of chic.

Arrange your own Bouquet
A DIY Guide for Soul Soothing Flower Bouquets and Arrangements – Let’s use floral designs to express love, honor and gratitude. Create a soul nurturing sense of serenity, prosperity and inspiration using flowers in your home.

PRE-ORDER NOW!!! This book is about California. Specifically, this second volume is about Southern California, the heavily populated part of the state, the sprawling metropolis, and the thirsty land that supports so many people. Jacqueline Suskin moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and still calls the city home. This book e

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The overall number of homeless people in Clay, Duval and Nassau counties has dropped 32 percent over the last 10 years, with dramatic decreases in veteran

The North American Aerospace Defense Command released a statement on Tuesday which said F-22 stealth jets intercepted four Russian bombers and two Russian Su-35 fighter jets off the coast of Alaska earlier this week, according to Xinhua. The statement said the Russian nuclear-capable long-range bombers flew into the Air Defense Identification Zone, which extends 200 miles off Alaska's western coast. U.S. military officials said the bomber flights were an attempt to send a message to the

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Solo travelers heading to Los Angeles are in for a treat. The city boasts some of the world’s best art, music, theatre, nightlife and cuisine. And there’s plenty of scope for meeting fun-loving folks along the way. Whatever your vacation of choice, we have the itinerary for you. Scroll down for the lowdown on the city’s juiciest spots
Runyon Canyon
| Photo: Yuri Hasegawa
Begin your chillcation with a gentle solo amble up Runyon Canyon – the Hollywood hike of choice for A-listers…

Best Start West Athens recently announced their 3rd Annual Cardboard Car Show will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Century Park Elementary School located at 10935 S. Spinning Ave., Inglewood, CA 90303! Best Start West Athens created Cardboard Car show to provide a free event for father’s and […]

As of June 1, 2019, thousands of people will be eligible for the CalFresh program, which aims to provide resources to buy food.
For the first time since 1974, people who receive supplemental social insurance or SSI can apply for the CalFresh...