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Shop all Gtechniq brand products. In 2004, scientists at Gtechniq created a line of products aimed towards perfecting all surfaces on a car. After lots of time, testing, and hard work, Gtechniq is now a high end detailing system for car care professionals and enthusiasts alike. They stand out from...

The pattern of Americans moving less than a decade ago mirrors moving trends seen with new college graduates. According to an analysis of government data by two higher education professors, “10.4% of 22 to 24-year-olds with a college degree moved to another state in 2015, compared to 12.7% in 2005.” In general, census reports say …

Read our most comprehensive review of the 2017 Audi R8's standard features, trim levels, and available options.

Study Shows Replacing Tobacco Farms With Solar Arrays More Profitable - blog by the Southern California solar installation experts at Sea Bright Solar

Solar energy is a renewable and a never energy resource. There are many advantages of harnessing solar energy. However, there are two sides to everything, and there is a list of disadvantages to ac…

High-end care manufacturer Porsche aims to launch an electric car within the next two years. This will be the German car manufacturer’s first foray into the world of electric vehicles, a signal that many car manufacturers see the future as electric.

Learning to share is important, but it can be challenging to convey this to children. Dr. Kyle Pruett, clinical professor of child psychiatry at Yale School of

Audi and Porsche will now be teaming up for what's being called "the shared vehicle architecture of the future."

Now that solar power is here, and without a doubt racing toward being a leading source of global electricity, we’ve now got some really cool, established solar power systems. Some on Earth, s…

Our customers think we're the best movers in New Jersey. But don't take our word for it. Here are some of our recent reviews from happy people we've helped.

Albrecht Reimold waxes at length about Mission E development, new Zero Impact factory design and more in an interview with industry mag Automobil Produktion.