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As we look to continue to provide quality service to our clients,
we have additional positions open in our firm.
Please feel free to share these positions
with family, friends and colleagues.
We invite all to apply and be considered to join
Full-Time Position in Garden City
The File Clerk Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Filing and Mail-room Department and to ensure Staff effectiveness and efficiency.

swissRoomBox, the world's smallest motor home set up fitting most cars. swissRoomBox, le plus petit aménagement camping-car au monde, qui s'adapte à la plupa...

Friendly, courteous and professional... - Service Review on a Chevrolet Cruze at McCluskey Chevrolet

In the Second Department, the deadlines by which attorneys must file are governed by the date on which the previous filer has filed and served, as well as by the manner of that service – e.g. efile, regular mail, personal service, etc. (For instance, if served by regular mail, the next opposing brief receives an additional five days to file and serve his brief on top of the statutorily permitted time. For purposes of this posting, all time limits are computed based on…

PrintingHouse Press, the East Coast’s leading appellate services provider, has launched an informative video series called On the Record. This series, derived from its clients’ most frequently asked questions, aims to clarify any misconceptions regarding New York appellate practice.

Aug 06, 2018 08:30 am | admin
Determining who you should select to serve as the Executor of your estate can often be a difficult decision. It is important to understand the duties and responsibilities of an Executor before you make your final decision. Here are some helpful hints to guide you through your decision-making process
Who Should You Name As Your Executor?
An Executor is usually a family member, such as a spouse, child, or sibling, or a friend who will administer…

On a weekly basis, we are confronted with questions surrounding rules and procedures relating to the inclusion of color photos in a Record on Appeal. The rule is quite simple here: if the photos were filed in the lower Court in color, then the Second Department requires them to be filed in color as well. However, there are instances when these photos are no longer available. In these cases, a simple letter stating that the photos are no longer available must be presented…

The four-day event features full-length documentaries and short films from around the world.

Choosing and working with a law firm can be stressful. Often you don’t know what the process is, what it will cost, and whether the law firm will even be able to help you! To feel confident in your choice, and to know that your confidence is not misplaced, you should look for much more
Our team of elder law attorneys, estate planning attorneys, and special needs (disability) attorneys have represented the elderly and persons with special needs/disabilities and their families since 1985.…

A new report documents the democratization of renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles in America.

In 2012, superstorm Sandy devastated the West End of Long Beach. Rising up from the debris, a group of chefs band together to revolutionize the ...

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Add speak-easy to the latest in Long Island burger ingenuity. Located behind Long Beach Sandwich Company, Black Door Burger is just that, burgers and French fries sold through a secret window in a bla

Copyright © 2017 Joseph Christopher for Beauty and Wellness, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:

Copyright © 2017 Joseph Christopher for Beauty and Wellness, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is: