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Western Australians are being asked to be alert to the risk of measles following a confirmed measles illness in a person who visited multiple public venues last week.

The Marriott mega-breach is calling attention to whether organizations are storing too much data and whether they’re adequately protecting it with the proper

In a bold new health initiative, 460 festival goers accessed free STI tests at the Falls Festival in Fremantle recently.

You've probably heard the health warning: Sitting is the new smoking.

First seen in the 1980's, grillz have become a rising jewelry accessory for the teeth. Here are the top 10 most expensive grillz owned by celebrities. For mo...

Don't let glaucoma steal your sight! Learn more.

Western Australians are being asked to be alert to the risk of measles following a confirmed measles illness in a person who visited two public venues in Perth last week.

Are you aware you've been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life? Here's what you've been doing wrong and what you can do to make up for it. Learn more a...

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified processed meat as a carcinogen, something that causes cancer.

Failing to evacuate flooded areas, entering flood waters, or remaining after a flood has passed can result in injury or death. Flooding is a temporary overflow of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Floods may:Result from rain, snow, coastal storms, storm surges, and overflows of dams and other water

What were the largest healthcare data breaches of 2018? Find out more about the 18 healthcare data breaches in the United States that have each resulted in the exposure of more than 100,000 healthcare records.

by Anne Fletcher, M.S., R.D. It’s time for a new attitude about “dieting” — one that enables you not only to lose weight but keep it off. What’s the secret? For answe…

In Times Square with thousands of strangers or in your living room with close friends, ring in the new year with a party. Just make ...

Mark A. Garlington D.D.S. is your Long Beach, Seal Beach, and Los Alamitos, CA orthodontist providing braces and Invisalign® for children, teens, and adults.

Facebook violated consumer protection law by failing to protect personal data that consumers thought they’d locked down, the District of Columbia alleges in a new

Facebook remarketing can effectively help generate a high ROAS for ecommerce brands. Learn more.

Will the Department of Health and Human Services’ request for feedback on potential changes to HIPAA eventually result in modifications to the regulation,

My Brother's Keeper
J.P. Blase Cooke Center
My Brother's Keeper began in the early 1980s as pastors in the Irvington neighborhood of West Baltimore saw the effects of a declining economy. It started with basic services and today offers a wide range of support, from meals to workforce development to youth services. CONTACT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER

“What’s next for my BigCommerce store?” A new year is a great time to stop and take stock of what you can do better to improve your bottom line.

How to Ensure Sniffle Season Doesn't Totally Destroy Your Office (and Sanity): When it comes to being sick and office life, so...

A cough can be a nuisance during the day, and it can keep you up at night. Learn how to stop and calm a cough at night.

Missing teeth shouldn't take the joy out of the holidays for you. See how a dental implant is the gift you need to give yourself before the end of the year!

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