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Business in East Side - Long Beach, CA

The Gospel Is for People Like Us
A lot of people—including Christians—presume I teach on topics like abortion, homosexuality, and Islam because the people represented by these topics are different from us. It is thought that I believe Muslims, abortion-choice advocates, and those who identify as gay and lesbian are the enemy, the other. We need to reach out to them because they’re so different from us
That’s not true.
We should reach out to them not because they’re different from us, but…

Take a journey of discovery through the world’s largest ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

Does God Contradict His Word?
Greg answers questions on hermeneutics of the Old Testament and whether God contradicts His Word.
How do you explain the strange hermeneutics of the New Testament authors? (00:26)
When we feel like God is speaking to us or giving us a sign, how do we know that’s really God? (00:45)

The 18-year-old center, who scored 22 goals with 59 assists in 68 regular-season games for Niagara in the Ontario Hockey League, was expected to go in the first round.

As they watched Mexico’s 2-1 win over South Korea, about 200 fans watching the game in Long Beach erupted into cheers and chants and bits of song.

A celebration and exploration of LACMA’s permanent collection of Korean art, one of the largest collections of Korean works in the United States. Bring your friends for an evening of gallery viewing, discussions, art making, Korean tea tastings, and a mini-fashion show. Discover the exquisite beauty of Korean ceramics, the spirituality of Korean Buddhist art, and the first solo show of a Korean American artist at LACMA, Unexpected Light: Works by Young-Il Ahn.

Defending champion, playing down a man late in the match and on the cusp of a disappointing draw, gets a beautiful bending goal from Kroos in the 95th minute.

Pouring cereal only to realize you're out of milk. Brushing your teeth BEFORE drinking orange juice. Forgetting to grease your egg pan. There are countless ways your perfect breakfast could take a turn for the worst.
Luckily, few things can go wrong…

A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian
Having blogged for over six years now, I’ve received hundreds (and hundreds) of comments and emails from skeptics of Christianity. Once in a while, I receive one from a pleasant non-believer who is truly interested in discussing evidence, asking reasonable questions, and engaging in thoughtful discussion
But that’s the exception…

This all-important retirement income source is tricky, especially around times of transition.