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Is Huawei a danger to American's security? As you would expect, Huawei declares an emphatic no. the arguments from both sides over the Huawei problem may leave you wondering what the best course of action is.

Arguing for the Christian God
Greg talks about traffic problems for a few minutes then jumps into questions on arguments for the Christian God, the slavery laws in Leviticus, and why Satan will be punished
What argument would you use to take the next step from arguments for God to arguments for the Christian God? (0:08)
Are the slavery laws in Leviticus a racist double standard? (0:26)
If Satan is part of God’s plan, why is he going to be punished on…

An embrace of progressive politics could energize voters – or cost Democrats in swing congressional districts held by Republicans.

Chris Taylor drove in three runs and Manny Machado had his first extra-base hit and RBI as a Dodger — an RBI double in one of the Dodgers’ two five-run innings.

Aaron Donald’s quest for a new contract might prevent him from appearing in Irvine again. Rams players are due to report by Tuesday.

Sam Allberry’s Advice for Conversations about Sexual Identity
Desiring God has an interview with Sam Allberry on “ How to Navigate Conversations about Sexual Identity ,” and I thought this point was particularly helpful
One of the things I want to try and show, as far as possible, is that Jesus treats us all the same. The gospel puts us in the same boat. So a principle I’ve taken from that is not to say to someone what I can’t say to everyone.…

CallidusCloud Why Enterprise CPQ Implementations Fail Have you reached a certain point in the evolution of your company and know its time to invest in a CPQ system? Buyer, beware Even the best CPQ solutions require

Take a journey of discovery through the world’s largest ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.