Business in Bixby Knolls - Long Beach, CA

Eagles coach Ray Barefield believes a more physical style of basketball is the key to achieving the team’s championship goals.

After a week in which Chandler proved essential in a pair of tight victories, the veteran revealed that he could have saddled up with two-time defending champion Golden State.

Bennie Boatwright remains out and Chuck O’Bannon Jr. has a broken finger, but freshman point guard Elijah Weaver is expected to make his season debut for Andy Enfield’s short-handed Tro…

Habitat LA and Delta Air Lines raised the first wall of yet another home in Southern California, the eighth since this unique partnership began in 2010.

Mobilizing voters to participate in the Nov. 6 midterm election was the mission of several Cal State Fullerton campus groups, led by the Office of Government and Community Relations and Associated …

Defenseman says scrap Monday with Nashville’s Zac Rinaldo after a hard hit on Kevin Fiala should have drawn an additional penalty because Rinaldo came off the bench to start a fight.

Imagine a woman telling you, “I’m transgender. Please call me Michael.” It’s obvious she’s female, but she’s asking you to call her by a man’s name. What do you do
Many people today reject the notion that gender is a fixed trait based on biology. Rather, they believe gender is a flexible trait based on society. As feminist and social theorist Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.”1 Anatomy, therefore, is not destiny. One can choose what gender…

By Jason M. ShepardIn our Living Textbook feature, the Register invites university faculty to share their knowledge and expertise with readers.When California Rep. Eric Swalwell introduced the Jour…

Can a Person’s Sexuality Change?
Greg talks to Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. about the withdrawal of California’s bill outlawing “sexual orientation change efforts,” then Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council calls in to discuss their efforts to stop the bill.

Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason responds to this week's challenge. Read the challenge here:

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