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'Long Beach\'s historic and beautiful Petroleum Club hosts this senior-friendly social, combining live entertainment and DJ dance tunes with oldies but goodies from the \'50s and \'60s. DJ/MC Swing plays an hour\'s worth of dance tunes covering many popular dance styles including big band, swing, Latin, ballroom and nightclub. Singer Mark W. Curran presents his \"Oldies But Goodies\" dance show as the floor remains open to…

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'Classic Vegas-style entertainment comes to Long Beach when vocalist Mark W. Curran puts on his Sinatra hat and performs the greatest romantic ballads and swingin\' hits of Ol\' Blue Eyes himself. Complete with a delicious three-course dinner, Curran brings the magic, romance and excitement of Sinatra\'s music, including unforgettable classics like \"My Way,\" \"Luck be a Lady,\" \"Come Fly with Me,\" \"Strangers in the Night\" and…

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Have you always dreamed of working from the comfort of your own home? Well, thanks to the rapid rise

When you're tasked with managing people virtually, there are many things to consider — not least of

You’ll Never Outgrow Your Need to Meet with God
This article by Donald Whitney on the danger of drifting away from a daily time of communion with God through Bible reading and prayer is true and scary, but also strangely motivating and encouraging. It’s a reminder that something real is happening when you meet with God daily. An excerpt from “ Spiritual Disciplines and the Sinkhole Syndrome ”
As the pressures of life increase and more deadlines loom, it becomes harder to maintain…

Teaching Apologetics to Students
Greg chats with Tim Barnett about teaching apologetics to students then answers questions about responding to an inconsistent claim of “inclusivity” and using the Columbo Tactic.
What’s a tactics-oriented way to challenge someone who won’t hire pro-lifers on his claim to be “inclusive”? (0:30)
I need advice on using the Columbo Tactic with people at church. (0:37)

Whether you're on a soul-searching journey or just want to finally leave the nest, here's how to keep yourself safe and enjoy your time flying solo.

Three Things You Need to Reach Muslims
Some people think that since I’m an apologist, I always lead with an apologetic point when talking to a person who doesn’t share my faith. That’s not true. I don’t believe apologetics is an end in itself. Rather, it’s a means to an end. The end is the Gospel and that’s the first thing I present to someone when I share my faith. Sometimes, though, people don’t accept the Gospel for various reasons. Only when they…

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