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GameWorks, Inc., a full entertainment and dining experience for families, teens and millennials with seven locations nationwide, announced today that ExWorks Capital has assumed full ownership of the Company and appointed new leadership. ExWorks has been a lender to GameWorks since 2017, and recently restructured its investment, giving it full control of the Company. Concurrent with the change in corporate ownership, Philip N. Kaplan was named…

A rate lock can provide you protection against the possibility that rates may rise after you apply for a loan, but they can come back to bite you if rates fall.

Healthy and deep entering the 2018-19 NBA season, the Clippers’ new identity will focus on defense, toughness.

Sifu Matthew Sifu will help remove the wounds of the heart to access your own internal heart force and healing power. He will share secrets to bypass negative patterns that constrict your power.​​​​​​​

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See where St. John Bosco, Poly, Los Alamitos and the others are ranked in this week’s Long Beach football poll.

Cynthia Stott Cynthia helps to empower soul-centered entrepreneurs to create businesses from their passions. Cynthia overcame 5 phobias, including speaking and visibility.  

Kari Kelley Learn practical tips and tools for living resiliently. We have a protective resilience we may not be aware of. There’s informative resilience that we may ignore. True resilience is conscious resilience.

Kari Kelley Hear a dramatic storytelling of overcoming abuse, and a journey from hopelessness to resilience. Learn how to recognize and tap into your resilience, especially your spiritual resilience.

The two were once again a page boy and a junior bridesmaid, respectively. See cute photos of the two serving in past weddings.

Mountbatten’s ex-wife walked him down the aisle and gave him away in a particularly sweet moment during the ceremony.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19 the LBCC Foundation’s African American Scholarship fund sponsored a Spangle-Lang Lane Dance Party for the kids of the Child Developmen...

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If you're going to hack, why not go for the gold? That appears to have been the impetus behind an unusual data breach at the government-owned Perth Mint in Western

Have you been using Google Finance but noticed that you’re missing important functions? There are plenty of finance apps out there. Among some of the most popular ones are Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money, and of course Google Finance. One of these platforms, Google Finance, has been a tool that investors have heavily relied on to …

The Laugh Factory Hollywood presents Comedy Bazaar, an eclectic assortment of the best and brightest up and comers as well as legendary comedians with a splash of Middle Eastern flavor. It's a show for everybody! Don't miss this hot Hollywood show every Monday night; you never know what might happen or who might show up!
Featuring Tehran, Preacher Lawson, Jeff Dye, Jordan Rock, Brad Williams.

Business is all about relationships. When you build your network, you build your business--and your bottom line.

A recent report says, “about 18 percent of people generally hide their teeth in photos.” Many of them are embarrassed due to the yellow appearance of their teeth. Having white, bright, lustrous teeth is a matter of great concern. Consequently, the number of people using whitening pastes and white strips for oral care is increasing …

Do the discrepancies contained in the gospel accounts point to collaboration or corroboration? Tim Barnett of Stand to Reason responds. For more information,...