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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he would like to “challenge” his hitters to hit the other way or bunt against the shift. Andrew Friedman calls himself “a huge proponent” o…

The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a surcharge on text messaging to help cover its growing budget for programs that help make phone service accessible to the poor.

Taking the Easy Route after Rape (January 1, 2012)
If a woman is raped and gets pregnant, is the easier choice to have a quick abortion or endure nine months of pregnancy? Find out the surprising answer in this episode.

This page allows external customers the ability to watch the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) meetings that have video and audio webcasting capabilites.

A managed service provider that hosts the electronic health records of Redwood Eye Center in Vallejo, CA has experienced a security breach that has resulted in the exposure of 16,000 patients' protected health information.

Technology is eating the world. Everything – and I don’t say this with any hyperbole – is technology. Even the human stuff we do every day (or should do every day) is a function of technology. I’m almost positive if HR (and business in general) didn’t have email, SMS, or slack we wouldn’t know how to get a hold of ... Read More

My boyfriend and I decided to explore one of the spookier locations on our holiday to do list... the Queen Mary Christmas. Watch to see if we encountered any...

In ice and snow, accidents can happen easily. Find out how to keep your family safe - and fit - while the weather is chilly.