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areas that sells/serves food
Language Warning: English and in any
other language used on other signage or
menus provided at the facility
3. Label: Smoking Area(s)
Size/Font: 22 font 8.5”x11”
Language Warning: English and in any
other language used on other signage in the
affected area
Where to Post: Driver’s side window of all
new and used passenger vehicles for sale
Size/Font: No font size required…

Greg takes questions on how to honor an abusive father, whether faith is trusting God can do something or will do something, the Trinity as an issue of salvation, and atheists using Scripture to object to God’s morality.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Unbowed by searing criticism, President Donald Trump on Monday emphatically defended his tweet calling on four Democratic congresswomen of color to go back to their “b…

He’s averaged just 15 minutes and seven points per game in his career, and yet he’s hit three game-winning shots

The Star Wars Land watering hole could be raking in tens of millions of dollars in its first year of operation, according to theme park experts.

OpenWorks, a leading national facility services and commercial cleaning franchise operator, has appointed Liz Caracciolo as its Chief Operating Officer. Caracciolo joins a dynamic leadership team at one of the fastest-growing franchise operators in the United States. With a focus …

That’s because hair follicle testing is an accurate, efficient way to detect the use of illicit drugs or misuse of prescription drugs.

When you don’t want to disagree with someone about your religious convictions, it’s a lot easier to give in to relativism and avoid evangelism.